Chapter 4

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I stood there as Cassy yanked sams headphones out and yelled at her to go interact so she walked over to me and walked to the living room, she followed. We both say on the couch when I heard, "dude your shirt is sick!" I look at same while she's smiling and keeps flipping her hair "oh thanks I like yours to.." Her shirt was a green day honoring the dookie shirt.

"You like bands?" i said hoping she wasn't a poser. "yeah im a big fan of alot of bands you know like slipknot, the doors, korn, bvb all that but my favorite is my chemical romance, ima true killjoy." She said while smiling " wow ok...they are my fav too, I listen to only rock, punk, metal, and alternative my main four guys."

She laughed after I had finished talking and I'm not entirely sure why but she seemed nice and I would mind have her help me around my Just as I thought that word I had a chill go down my spine. You see I'm not an entirely "social" person I'm more of a hashtag omg gerard way dyed his hair again!!! Also know as a blogger. It's my thing and I'm good at it so I wonder how much I will stand out being who I am at this school.

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