€: Maya's POV €:
Wednesday, October 29th
10:38 pm

I paused and thought about how to respond to Carter's text message. I was dying in my Spanish III class from boredom.

He asked what my favorite music was. I had no clue how to answer. I will listen to almost anything. I would rather be working on a mix tape CD than being in this class. For my english assignment, I had to work in a group to put a mix tape CD for Romeo & Juliet then our class was going to do the play.

Me: Why do you want to know? :p

I didn't know what to put or if I should still trust him, after all. I want to, I really do. I just know that my feelings towards him have changed, when I started to date Arthur.

The bell rang and I hid my phone in my pocket. Rachel found me in the hallway and we talked on the way to our next class.

"Spanish is so boring." I say.

"Agreed." The Hispanic girl nodded.

"Are you going to Harry's Halloween party?" I asked.

She shrugged. "You and your guys. I might have to babysit my brothers."

"What do you mean 'me and my guys'?" I frown.

"You, your brothers, Daniel, Jake, Sam, Olly, Brett, all the guys... Carter." She smirked.

I tried not to glare at her.

"Whatever. There's nothing wrong with being friends with many guys!"

"Never said there was. Just saying you know how that guys and girls best friends end up datin'. Just look at me and Brett."

The warning bell rang and everyone started running towards their classes. "English time." I say as we go into Ms.Kalir's class.

"Okay class, I have assigned your groups." She said and everyone groaned. "You are in an advanced class so act like it!" Ms.Kalir snapped.

There was some "not all of us" mumbles by the seniors.

I looked at the board and took my seat. My group was Harry, Carter, and Carmen. At least I was in a group with my friends, sort of.

"Now get into your groups of four and work quietly for the rest of the hour. You'll find out who judges the CDs tomorrow."

We all got up and joined each other in the back of the class. We picked out fifteen songs total that represent the play but didn't have enough time to put them in order.

There really wasn't much talking between any of us except work.

We walked the halls together on our way to lunch.

It was then that I realized I did have a lot of people who cared about me and I didn't want to lose them.

I smiled to myself as we went in the lunch line.

"Want to hang out tomorrow afternoon?" Harry asked.

"Sure." I answered.

I had been pretty busy this week. Monday I met up with Daniel, yesterday with Alvin, tonight I have to babysit Teddy, tomorrow with Harry, then Friday is his party. Since when am I so busy? I wondered if this was what popularity was like.

"Cool," he replied, as we grabbed our food and sat at our table.

I guess I do trust pretty easy.

"Where do you want to meet up?"

"I could pick you up at four."

"Okay; I'll text you my address." I told him.

Our friends joined us. Daniel and Ally sat next to Harry. Carter and Rachel sat next to me and everyone spread around us.

"Just think," Carter said to me. "There's going to be four times this many people Friday night."

I don't like people, though.


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