When the group of cats came back, Tigerstripe left his guard duty and went to the warriors den. He laid down in his nest and closed his eyes. When he woke up, he found himself in the starry place where he first meet the white she-cat. He looked around and found that the white she-cat was padding over to him.

"Welcome back, Tigerstripe," she purred.

He gave a nod. She sat down in front of him, her tail laid neatly on her paws.

"I'm sorry for your clans loss," she meowed.

Tigerstripe looked down at his paws.

"I feel like I could've prevented the deaths..."

"Nothing would had prevented them from dying, isn't that what Lionstar said to you?"

"He said only Russetfur, not Caveclaw."

The she-cat rested her tail on his shoulder. She then looked over her shoulder. Tigerstripe looked up and saw two starry cats padded towards them. Tigerstripe blinked and then realized who they were.

"Greetings Tigerstripe," the red-brown she-cat meowed.


She nodded and looked at the black-and-white tom.


He also gave a nod. Tigerstripe went over to them. Russetfur purred when they touched noses.

"Congrats on becoming the new deputy, you'll be a good leader someday."

Tigerstripe just gave her a nod and looked at Caveclaw. Caveclaw was shifting his paws, almost as if he was nervous.

"Congrats," he meowed, "Lionstar made a good choice."

"Thank you."

"Also can you do a favor for me?"

Tigerstripe gave a nod.

"Tell Cloudheart I'll be watching over him."

"I'll tell him."

Caveclaw gave a nod and took a step back. Russetfur looked at the she-cat and gave her a nod.

"It's time for you to go back, your clan needs you," she meowed.

Tigerstripe woke up and looked around the den. Most of the cats were sleeping, so he decided to leave the den. As he padded out into the clearing, he saw the Lionheart, Scarface and Redpaw were talking amongst themselves. Knowing that he needed to make the patrols, he called the three cats over.

"Yes Tigerstripe?" Lionheart asked, stopping in front of the smaller tom.

"Could you take a border patrol?" Tigerstripe asked.

"Of course, you do you want me to take?"

"Scarface, Redpaw and Blackclaw," Tigerstripe replied.

Lionheart gave a nod and the three cats padded away to find Blackclaw. Tigerstripe looked around and saw Cloudheart, slowly eating a bird. The white tom was looking around, almost as if he was nervous. Tigerstripe went over to the tom and sat next to him, ignoring the look that the tom gave him.

"Are you feeling fine?" Tigerstripe asked.

"Just wonderful, now go."

"Cloudheart.. There is no need to hide what you are feeling."

"Whatever, leave."

Tigerstripe gave a sigh and got up. He took a few pawsteps, before looking back at him.

"Caveclaw is watching over you," he meowed, before padding over to the nursery.

He went inside and saw that Watersplash was awake, grooming the kits. Grasskit was mewing at his sister, but stopped and Waterkit mewed back, almost as if they were talking to each other. Yellowkit was being groomed by Watersplash and Creakkit was next to his brother waiting for his turn. Tigerstripe sat next to his mate and gave her a comforting lick on her ears, earning a purr from the silver she-cat.

"How's my deputy?" Watersplash asked between licks.

"Feeling well," Tigerstripe replied.

"That's good. Did you send any patrols?"

"A border patrol."


Tigerstripe watched as she finished grooming Yellowkit, but went to groom Creakkit. The small tannish tom squeaked, but went silent. He purred at the kits. He heard a small noise from the other side of the den and Tigerstripe peeked over his shoulder. Goldenwing was laying on her side, panting. Tigerstripe knew what was happening and he wasted no time to get to the medicine den. Skywing, who was sorting her herbs, looked at him as he entered.

"Goldenwing is having her kits!"

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