The angel

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It hurt looking at him. Smiling and laughing with her. The way she touches his arm like its the slightest thing. His beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes both shone in the sunlight. And it was all wrapped up with his blemish free tan skin. Perfection. Of course Emile was chosen to work with Alex for this project. With his perfect,athlete body and her cheerleader reputation, it was like they were practically made for each other, or so everyone says. And I thought all of this was supposed to end in high school.

When he looks down at his notebook, her gaze flickers to me. All the pretend bubbleness was quickly replaced with smirk from her pink glossy lips and a glare so malicious you would think her brown eyes were red. But as soon as he looked back up at her, it was gone. It was like it never happened. I look down at my own notebook. But I saw it. I always see it.

A loud bang of books hitting the table makes me jump in surprise. I look up with wide eyes ready to yell. But as soon as I saw the long raven black hair with the blonde tips the words died on my lips. "Hello, church girl." She says falling back into the chair. I rolled my eyes. Everyone on the campus calls her wolf. They say its because of her "Viscous reputation". I just don't see it. "My name is not church girl." I say stiffly turning to face her. I cant help but feel jealous staring at her exotic golden green eyes. They even make my baby blue ones look dull. "Okay, well how about mother Mary?" She asks smirking, but not the kind of mean smirk Emile gave me, her's was-- kind. "Its virgin Mary. And why do you have to make up a nickname for me anyways?" I ask, annoyed. "Well, it would be totally unoriginal to call you the nickname you already have when I didn't make it." Someone gave me a nickname? I kept to myself this whole year so far. Nobody knows me enough to give me a nickname. "Who gave me a nickname?" I furrow my eyebrows. I bet it was Emile. Probably something like fire crotch because of my auburn hair. I used to get called that in high school. Not even clever.

"Your little lover boy over there." She motions her chin over behind me. I turn around and see Alex staring at Emile while she writes. Ouch. I turn back towards Eden. "He is not my lover bo-" She raises her eyebrows at me. The words coming out of mouth aren't that believable to her. I sigh in defeat. Damn. "Is it really that obvious?" She smirks at me again. Is that how she smiles? "Maybe if you stopped looking at him every free chance you had it wouldn't be." I look down. "What did he call me?" "Angel. He said its because your'e too Innocent for your own good. Its boring, really." She says. The bell rings and everyone runs out of class in their friend groups. Time to head back to the dorm and eat my feelings out with leftover pizza for the rest of spring break, yay.

I stand up and shove my things in my backpack before Eden can get another word in. I guess the project is up to me. "Church girl." I ignore her, but that doesn't seem to stop her. "Listen, tonight we are going to a party. You have no choice because, well, its not like you have other plans." She stands up and sits on the table next to me. I glare at her. "I do have plans." Lies, lies, lies. "Well, even if you actually did, they would be canceled. I'll take you to drop your books off at your room but we are heading back to my place to get ready. I doubt you have anything wearable for a party." Seriously? "And I doubt you have anything wearable to walk on the street without cars stopping waiting for you to get in." Okay maybe telling her she dresses like a hooker was a Little too harsh, but highwaisted shorts and a crop top isn't exactly modest. She looks down. Now I feel bad.

"Look, Naomi, I just want get to know you some more, and maybe have some fun while we are at it. Would it kill you to spend one night out with," She pushed her chest so far out she looked rediculous. "The wolf?" I started laughing when her face turned red. "Hurry up and answer, Noms, I'm running out of breath." She chocked out. I finally nodded my head and she exhaled loudly. "Thank the heavens, now lets go before Will leaves without us!" She grabbed her books quickly and took off running. "Who's Will?" I call out as we both run down the almost empty hallway. "My boyfriend!"

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