The Encounter

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Vanessa's POV

I groanned as I woke up from my slumber I growled at my alarm clock giving it a nasty glare. I stopped it and laid on the bed a little more. I huffed and got up from the bed making my way to the bathroom. I did my daily routine, brushed my teeth, washed my face and had a bath. I had school today which it the reason I woke up so early. There is no way I would wake up this time when its a weekend I would probably take all day sleeping if it was up to me. I went back to my room and started getting my clothes out for the day. I got shorts with a white top and a cardigan (picture) with my light blue backpack and my white converse.

I went down the stairs and my mum was making breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes to be exact, mmm yummy. I sat on the table and she placed a plate in front of me. "Thank you" I said to her and I began eating. Once I was done I put my plate in the sink and washed it. Then I kissed my mum on the cheek. " Am off to school mum " She replied back with a " Have a nice first day dear " I nodded, grabbed my keys and went outside to my car. I started it and drove to school.

Oh I am sorry, I didn't introduce rude of me! My name is Vanessa Lawley ( if you're a O2L'll get this ;) ) I am 16 years old, I have an older brother who is very protective of me..if you get on his bad side then you should leave the States..for your own safety. I have a lovely family. My mum and Dad are also very protective and I don't go to parties and I most definately don't have any parties. I have friends in school, they are not many but we are a little group, we trust each other and thats what matters.. we prefer to be a small group than be a big group and have many people that only a few of them we (I don't know if that made any sence XD) I also have a lovely boyfriend.. his name is Chad and he is the captain of the football team. Me and him have been together for 2 years now and we love each other. Many call us Highschool sweethearts. We do love each other but I haven't given myself to him completly..if you know what you mean which mean I am still a virgin..

I reached the High school's parking lot and I parked too my usual place. Everyone turned and looked at me, smiled and then waved. I smiled and waved back. You could say that I am quite famous. I looked around trying to spot my friends, I locked my car then went to them. We didnt say much since we didn't get lost in the summer, we are basically together every single day. We still had 20 minutes till the bell rang. "Guys do you know where Chad is?" I asked them. They shook their head so I stood up and went to find him, usually he's behind the school so I went to look there first. I found him talking to a guy with tattoos, he didn't seem to be a student. "Chad?" I asked unsure if I should find him later.

"Yeah babe come, Jason here was just leaving" I just nodded and went to his side. The Jason guy looked at me annoyed but as soon as he saw me his whole face changed into an unreadable mask. He held his hand out and introduced himself. "Am Jason..Jason Mccann" he said. I shivered and shook his hand repling " Vanessa.." I didn't tell him my last name though. I pulled my hand back and smiled at Chad. "Are you coming to the table? The bell is gonna ring soon" I said. He caressed my cheek and nodded giving me a light peck on the lips. "Jason.. we will continue the conversation another time alright?" he asked him. Jason just nodded, his gaze never leaving me.

When we went away enough so that Jason guy didn't hear I turned to Chad " Who was he.. he gave me the creeps, is he a student here? I've never seen him before.." I asked. He chuckled and shook his head " No he's not a student here..and he told you he is Jason Mccann" he replied. "Yeah but what did he want with you.. what are you to him? Are you in some kind of trouble can tell me you know.. maybe I can help" I said. He stopped walking, turned to me and caressed my cheek " I was just talking to him baby..nothing you should worry your pretty little head about" he said. I furrowed my eyebrows, was he hiding something? I dropped the subject for now. I nodded and kissed him softly. Just then the bell rang so we started to walk again. And with that we went to out first class.

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