Ice cream!

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It was rounding around to Valentine's Day JJ and Reid still weren't talking which their friends were having problems adjusting to. Garcia and Derek made plans to take Spencer out for the night while Aaron and Emily took JJ, both were a little hesitant to agree to go out with the fear of running into each other. The plan was to take them out then casually meet at the ice cream parlour.

"Em why are we at the bowling alley? You had bowling..." JJ whined.
"But you love it and today is all about you! And I though maybe we could talk about Reid... If you were ready..."
"Honestly Em there is nothing to talk about he kicked me out in the middle of the night."
"JJ you need to relax he wouldn't know how to handle the situation and you barely did either once he comes to terms with it he'll apologize then you will."
"Why would I need to apologize?"
"Stop being so stubborn!"

Tears welled up in her eyes and her nose began to sniffle. "Aaron can you go grab us some drinks?" Emily pleaded before turning back to JJ. "There is no need to cry Jay."

"I miss him, being with him... I guess it was stupid to not say anything and I'm tired of being mad at him..." She was playing with the charm bracelet he had bought her for Christmas.

"That's pretty JJ where did you get it?"

"Christmas." Emily nodded her head understanding, suddenly her phone beeping distracting the girls from their conversation.

"Let's go get ice cream!" Emily didn't ask JJ more like JJ was told. They picked Aaron up at the snack bar before heading down the street to the store. Right as they rounded the corner to the shop the two groups collided together.

"Hey Emily!" Penelope cheered letting Derek's hand go. "What are you guys doing here?"

Emily rolled her eyes at her colourful friends inability to be discreet. "We wanted to take JJ out for Ice cream , maybe make her feel better. What about you guys?"

"Derek and I were doing the same for Reid! Let's all go in together?"

"Sounds like a plan!" Emily held the door open for Garcia, Derek and Aaron, when JJ and Reid hadn't walked into the building everyone turned around to find them glaring at their friends.

"You think this is funny?" JJ snapped. "It's not going to be fixed because you make us sit down for ice cream!" The blonde crossed her arms still glaring at her friends.

"It needs to be worked out on our own terms guys." Spencer added not as angry.

"Fine we were just trying to help, but you guys can stay out here to sort it out on your own terms while the rest of us go eat ice cream." Derek pulled Penelope into the ice cream parlour leaving the ex-couple outside.

After they had finished their ice cream Emily and Derek attempted to see if Spencer and JJ were still outside. "I can't see anything because of the snow, can you?" The brunette asked.

"If they were smart Em they would have gone home." Her boyfriend replied.

"Yeah but their sexual tension is too much for them." Garcia remarked causing the joke table to laugh.

Grabbing their jackets everyone headed outside, they were stopped just outside the door by muffled noises. Turn their heads to the side of the building Emily let out a hysterical laugh. JJ had her arms wrapped around Spencer's neck while his hands were supporting them against the building wall. They were sharing a fiery kiss pressing their bodies the best they could because of the clothing and heavy jackets in the way.

"I told you." Penelope chimed turning then walking down the street. After finally averting their eyes the group followed down the street.

AN: A little Valentine's Day fluff, I know it's four days too late but it's sweet 😍💖❤️

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