Chapter 8

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I walked toward Bella and Mia sitting next to the fire pit fighting. Guys stop fighting or I'm gonna put your relaxing fire out! Yelled.we were just playing Around Bella giggled. Oh I said. Who wants to go swimming I asked. It's 7:40 in the morning I don't think I want to go swimming Mia said. Oh ok your missing out I'm gonna talk to the fish I yelled. I went into the cold bright blue water with my blond hair swishing around. I just ducked my head under water because I saw this weird guy getting water from the ocean. Hi I yelled. Ummm why are you here the guy yelled. Just taking a nice swim you might not want to drink that water I told him. Why not he asked. It's not clean enough to drink it give me your cup I asked he handed it to me with a weird look on his face. I just pointed my finger at it and it became clean. Wow do you have powers or something the guy asked. Ya I'm the water solar the next ruler of water I said. Wow it's nice to meet you at the guy bowed. What's you name I asked.daymen mine name is daymen said the guy. Well hi daymen I giggled nice to meet you I said. What's your name daymen asked. My name is grace I answered. Well I got to go see you later I said. Bye daymen said and walked off.

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