Living life

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After Abbey's birthday incident Kade decided to do a redo. Originally he planned to take Abbey on a romantic carriage ride around town. Then they would travel by limo to a restaurant of her choice. Afterward they were going to go to the meadow and he was going to give her her gift. Now there was a change of plans. "Are you ready to go? We don't have all day," Kade said fake irritated that she was taking so long to get ready.

"Hold on I'm almost done," Abbey said as she came out of the bathroom. "Okay how do I look?" Abbey asked nervously while giving a twirl.

All Kade could do was gawk at how good Abbey looked in her dress. It was a short black dress that had ruffles at the bottom. It showed all her curves in all her right places. Kade knew she looked beautiful but right now it shocked him.

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