26: the deal

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Harry's POV;

Come quick, we need to talk.

Liam texted me. I ignored it and started to play with Izzy's hair as she took a nap.

Avi stopped by my house...

I roll my eyes and decide to reply.

Okay? So what? He stopped by ours too.


How important? I couldn't help but ask.

How important? Your girlfriends life important!

I look at Izzy and wake her up.

"We need to go. Now. Pack your bags, we're heading to Liam's house." I kiss her head in apology of my harsh tone and jump out of bed, starting to throw a suit case together.

She groans and rolls over to face me.

"And what if I don't? Why are we leaving?"

"Because I fucking said so, Iz! You could be taken from me anytime, now that I know what the pendant really is." My eyes are growing tearful now, but I refuse to let any tears fall.

"Please, Iz, just do it.." I look down at my suitcase, zipping it back up and wiping my eyes, hurrying to the bathroom.

Izzy's POV;

I sigh in defeat as I roll out of bed, yawning and stretching. My head feels dizzy and I ignore it. I grab my suitcase, starting to fill it. I start to get slower each time I put something in. Soon, the whole world is spinning and I fall over, calling for Harry.

Liam's POV;

"Bring her in, bring her in!" I rush Harry in a panic. That pendant is more powerful than I thought it was. Its already casting that god damn spell on her.

As Harry brings her in, he sets her on the couch.

"Iz, Iz baby please.. Please wake up.." The sadness in his voice makes me feel sorry for him. He's spent his whole life alone, and now he's getting his only love taken from him.

I walk over to the couch and crouch down, feeling her forehead.

"She's extremely hot. You know what that means." I look over at Harry. His eyes are red and his cheeks are puffy, stained with tears.

Izzy's POV;

I wake up on the floor.

What the hell? Where am I?

I sit up and look around. I'm in a house. A huge one. Its filled with cages.

I stand up and look at the ceiling. It has a painting of people burning...

There are black pillars on the outside of this narrow hallway. I start to walk down it.

The floor is blood, with a glass covering. "Where am I? Hello? Anyone?" I call out as I walk towards the chair in the room. I walk up to the chair, as it starts to turn around.

The man in the chair has a dark brown beard, and dark brown hair that's pushed back. He's wearing a tux and has a cane with the same pendant on it as my necklace. He takes off his sunglasses and looks at me, then the pendant. He has two guards.

The blonde one, to his left, is incredibly handsome. He had blonde hair that was short and swooped back, and beautiful blue eyes. The one on the right was almost Asian looking, with brown hair that swooped up in the front. The blonde one was named Kale, and the dark haired one was named Calum. At least that's what their name tags said.

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