A Fresh Breath Of New Air

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Eugene felt nauseous just looking at that name, he couldn't pinpoint exactly why he felt this way but he knew that person had done something quite terrible. "I need to get out of here" Eugene said. He began to walk towards the door to try to find a exit to this horrid place. As he was walking out of the room he caught a quick glance of the destruction. Glass was shattered, rooms charred, bodies hung and executed all across the hallways. Eugene nearly threw up just by looking at the sight. The smell of death and rotting carcasses filled Eugenes nostrils with a pungent stench.

As Euguene tip toed around the bodies he tried to see if the workers had aything useful. After scavenger around he found a rusty pockettool, a key that read "Surveilance", and another keycard for the "Armory'. The placed seemed desolate so Eugene didn't worry to much about being discreet. He decided to look for the surveilance room first, within a time span of 20 minutes he had found the room. He quickly but carefully shoved the key into the slot and opened the door to see such a horrible sight.  He saw a man with a knife in his hand  and his wrist slit, the pool of blood was slowly starting to span the small corridor. There was a picture of a girl and a note that read "YOU CAN't  TAKE HER AWAY TAKE ME INSTEAD" written crudely in pen..He took out the bloody keycard to see if it was that horrid man, and it was he had finally found "Dr. Smith". Before Eugene left, he looked through the files to see if his number was in there. After about 3 or so minutes of searching he had found his file.

He quickly glanced over the file and he saw his name for the first time in ages. "My name is Eugene?" he said in a happy but confused tone. He also saw if he had any family that he cloud go see but on the file there was nothing there just statistics and test results. He quickly tried to locate the Armory; Once he did he tapped the reciever for the keycard and was grantes acess but the doornob was stuck. After minutes of struggle that proved to be no use, he had rembered he had the multitool. The tool at a lock pick piece so he tried to use that. Crudely jamming it seem to do it, he didn't find too much but what he did find was useful. He found a large backpack, food rations, a large knife, and aswell as well as hoodies and spare clothes. He tucked all of supplys ecept for the knife in the backpack. He began on his long awaited journey, right before exiting the door he took a big breath of fresh air and set out. As Eugene stepped out he stoo d in horror of what he saw. 

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