Chapter 44: An Ass

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Chapter 44: An Ass

The whole week with Mychal is rough. Everday, he asked if Daryl was coming over to see him. He asked if they were having a baby, or if Daddy was going to take them to Chuck E' Cheese again. All the questions he asks are about Daryl and all the questions make Beth feel worse and worse about what happened. Yet at the same time, Daryl wasn't trying to see Mychal. He wasn't trying to talk to Beth or even attempting to get custody over his son. So did he ever really care? That what kills Beth. She doesn't know if it was all a rouse to get back with her, or if he really does care about them at all and was just clearing his concious. 

Today comes the day, when Mychal goes into Kindergarten. Standing in the classroom, waiting for the teacher to come, Mychal pulls on her pant leg from his chair. 

"Mommy, is Daddy coming?" 


"Good morning everyone! I'm Ms. Amy Fuller, and I'll be yer kindergarten teacher." A tall woman with strawberry blonde hair adresses the parents and Beth can't stop thinking about the Amy Daryl slept with and stole from Gareth. As she goes on, Mychal seems to become restless and irritable.

"Mommy, why isn't Daddy coming?"

"Shh, we need to listen."

"Mommy, I want Daddy."

"Mychal, enough." Finally out of frustration, Mychal can't control what thoughts are in his head and which become verbalized.

"I hate you. I hate mommy." Looking down at him, he seems angry and starts wheeling out of the class. Beth slowly gets up, but some people start blocking her way as Amy asks all the parents to get up and say goodbye to their children. Beth can't make it through the crowd fast enough to see where Mychal has gone. Getting out into the hallway, Beth calls for him, but recieves no answer. 

"Have you seen a boy in a wheelchair come by here?" Beth asks a teacher at the front desk by the office. 

"No, not that I've seen. I'll keep a look out for him. What's his name?"

"Mychal Greene. Thank you." Rushing past her, this school is bigger than she though and she's getting lost in it's labrinth. Soon more people are coming out of the classrooms and Beth is like a salmon swimming up stream. "Mychal! Excuse me. Pardon me. Mychal!"

Finally getting through the crowd, she's getting closer to the back of  the school and tries going down another hallway.

"Mychal!" She starts getting upset and can't stop imagining where he went. He hates her. He said it clear as day. This is all her fault. 

"Beth..." She stops and turns, finding Daryl standing behind her in a collared shirt and jeans. Her body drops in stature and she lets a weakened breath out. 

"Daryl..." Going to him, she wraps her arms around him and cries into his neck.

"Bethy what's wrong? Why are you so upset?" He's confused by her actions and just holds her close.

"Mychal's missing. He said he hated me and sped off. And this school is so big and I can't find him and I'm so sorry...Daryl I'm so sorry." She cries harder and he just holds her closer and kisses her head. "I do love you...I'm just scared of getting hurt and I don't want to lose you or Mychal..."

"Beth...hey Beth, stop. Stop crying. Look at me." He pulls her back and looks deep into her eyes. "I am not going to hurt you ever again and baby, you'll never lose me or Mychal...which is terribley ironic right now. Come're....We'll find him, okay. he couldn't have gotten far."

Holding her close to him, they walk down every hallway, until Daryl spots him in a room that's decorated like a rainforest and has all the stuffed animals one could imagine. They both sigh and Daryl goes up to him, leaving Beth frozen in her spot. 

"Mychal, what are you doing?" Daryl asks as he kneels beside his chair. 

"Daddy! You found me! I found this room. Look! That's a Scarlet McCaw." He points to a fake bird that's suspended from the ceiling.

"Mychal, you shouldn't have ran away from yer mother. She's been worried sick." Daryl sternly says and Mychal just looks at Daryl angrily.

"I hate Mommy."

"No. You don't. You don't hate yer mother."

"Yes I do! She wouldn't let me see you."

"Pooka, I was the reason you didn't see me. Not your mom. She loves you so much and so do I. You can't run away like that. It scared us."

"Mommy doesn't love us."

"Mychal, enough!" Daryl scolds and stands up. Beth is surprised he's actually parenting and not giving in to him. "Mommy love you, Mychal. And you don't hate her, cause if something awful happened to her, you'd miss her right? You'd want her to be okay and be able to take care of you, right?" 

Mychal starts getting upset and a few tears fall from his cheeks and Daryl stays firm.

"If mommy wasn't around you'd be very upset, right?"

"Yes...I want mommy."

"Well, you really upset her Mychal. You really mad her sad from your words."

"Please! I want Mommy!! I love mommy!" He cries harder and Beth comes over and he starts flailing his arms around wanting to hug her. Picking him up out of his chair, Beth holds him close and they both cry. "I'm sorry, mommy. I love you. Please don't leave me alone. I's be good boy."

"It's okay...I'm here. Mychal you can't scare me like that. You can't run away from me. Don't you ever do that again! I was worried sick!" She scolds him and hugs him close to her body and soon her eyes find Daryl's and she opens her free arm for him to hug her. Coming over, Daryl wraps his arms around Mychal and Beth. It was probably one of the scariest days ever.

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