"Cheating Pt 2"

Lena's POV

August had drop me off at home. I had good time with August. We had went to the hotel and we did what we did. I open the door and I close it back. I heard noises and I ran upstairs. I went towards Trevor bedroom and I open the door. Guess what I see, that bitch Janae on Trevor. I just look at them, until Trevor look at me. He start to shake her. I just shook my head and I folded my arms. Janae got up and she start to walk and she shoved me. I'm not going to start with her I already don't like her. Then she walk out of the room and she slam the door. Trevor got up and I slap him really hard and I said.

"So you just gonna cheat on me like that. Right in my fucking face"

"You're acting like you didn't do anything. I smell cologne on you. It's probably that nigga August and you know I don't like him." He said.

"That doesn't mean I slept with him." I said.

"I don't believe you're lying ass." He said while staring me down. I just got fed up and I said.

"Yeah we fuck but you had that bitch in your bed and you had that bitch riding your dick. You don't know how many cocks she sucked." I replied.

"Yeah but you riding August's last night." He said.

This nigga think he is funny but I will show him funny. I walk out the room with my stuff and I left and he said.

"Where are you going."

"Away from you and just consider this relationship is done." I replied.

I went down stairs and I open the door. I walk to my car and I put my stuff in the car and all Trevor did was watch. I got in the driver's seat and I crank the car up and I drove away. As I was driving I saw this dude it look like he was having car trouble. So I stop and I got out of the car to help. He was really buff and he was lightskin. I was just looking at him until he said.

"Are you're going to help me."

I looked up at his face and I said, "Yeah." He start to look at me and he was looking at me really hard. He start to say.

"You know you're beautiful just like my ex."

"Thank you and who is your ex." I said.

"Kandi." He replied and when he said that was shock. I thought about when Candace something about her ex boyfriend. Wait this Travis. Oh shit what a small world. He went towards his car and crank it up. What the hell why the hell he do the bullshit like that and before he got in the car he said.

"Thanks hoe."

That's so disrespectful and I replied saying, "Bastard I'm not a hoe."

"This is the second time somebody called me a bastard. I'm not a bastard." He said pulling out a gun. I'm really scare because I don't want to get shot. He points the gun towards me and he move it away.

"You better be lucky I don't want to shoot you Lena." He said while putting the gun up. How does he know my name. Then he got in his car and he drove off and I walk back to my car and drove off. I drove the nearest hotel to check myself in.

Candace's POV

I left August up there in the room because he was tripping and I heard a door knock . I went to the door and I saw Ronnie and I got really happy. I hug and I told him," Come inside." He closes the door behind and he follow me to the kitchen. Then he starts up a conservation saying.

"I went a date last night."

"Oohh who's the lucky girl." I asked.

Then I see Janae walking into the kitchen and she kiss Ronnie on the cheek. Then she look at me and gave me a rude look. This girl better not play with me, I'm not Lena. I don't want to tell Ronnie that she fuck August and every other nigga. I know he can do better and does he know.

"Hey Janae." I said and she didn't response. Then Ronnie asked me," How do you know her name."

"Long story Ronnie. " Janae said while grabbing his hand.

Then I heard August coming down the stairs. I believe he made his way to the kitchen and then when he came. He look up at Janae and he gave a weird look.

August's POV

I walk downstairs from the room since Candace left me up there. I'm really hungry and I really want a snack. I walk to the kitchen and I saw Janae all over Candace's brother, Ronnie. Damn she gets around. I just look at her and I shook my head and I walk to the refrigerator. I got some grapes out of there and walk towards Candace and I kissed her forehead. Janae gave me a stank look and she move away from Ronnie. I walk upstairs and lock myself up in the room.

Janae's POV

August thinks I'm jealous because he is kissing on Candace. I thought he was dating that Lena chick . Then Ronnie starts to look at me and he asked.

"Can we go home."

"You're going home with this chick." Candace said.

"Oh hell no bitch." I yell while taking my earrings off.

"Come on lets get something started." Candace yell.

Then August came from upstairs and Ronnie yell.

"Aye yall need to shut up and get along I don't have time for this."

Ronnie walk out the kitchen and went to the front door. He open the door and left and I follow. Then I shove August and walk out the door.

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