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"Where am I?" I say sounding unsure. I look down and immediately see that I'm in a hospital bed. "why am I here?" I say confused. I see a nurse appear bedside my bed. "You fainted." She said. "What! Why?" I say sounding worried. Then I started to remember what happened earlier. "Kain." I say as I hop out of the bed. The nurse stops me and says "you can't get up your on medication you can't stand up." And sits me back down. I look to me left and see Maylee and Makayla there and ask for my phone. MaKayla hands me my phone and I hurry and snatch it out of her hands. I see I have 2 texts from Kain.
(💘- Kain 💎- me) conversation from beginning.
💘- hey i think I saw you at Starbucks.
💎- I think I saw you too.
💘- your cute. ☺️
💎- thank you. Your not to bad yourself. 😉
💘- 😘
Hey would you like to go on a date this weekend? ☺️
💎- I would love too.
💘- pick you up Friday at 7.
I looked over at Maylee and Makayla and I show both of the them the text. They both start to freak out. "Calm down girls you might startle her and she might faint again." The nurse says rubbing my hand. They immediately calm down and start to to whisper. Makayla handed my phone back to me and I slowly reached for it. The doctor came in with papers and a wheel chair to roll me out to the car. I got up and Quickly sat back down, feeling dizzy. The nurse rolled me out and in the hall. Makayla was on my left and Maylee was on my right. We got to the elevator and Maylee pressed 1 for floor 1. We exited the elevator and I got into my car. I sat in the back laying down. We where on our way home when I opened my phone and saw they date it was Thursday. I had one day to prepare for a date with the famous Kain Lawely. "Omg!" I saw hitting my head with the palm of my hand. "What?" Maylee and Makayla say at the same time. "I'll tell you later." I say sounding annoyed. She arrived home and I went right to my room to pick out my outfit. And start to get everything prepared. I heard the door open down stairs and that's when....

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