Chapter 14: Complications

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-Gray's POV-

Huh? Where am I?

I woke up, drowzy and unable to see anything until I noticed an empty bed. I felt a coat of red forming around my cheeks, as I had realised where I was sleeping.

"What time is it?", I muttered, whilst I turned to peer at the clock.


"Oh, good. It's still lunch-time."
More importantly though, where's Juvia?

"Juvia!", I called out. Inevitably, I got no response. Honestly, she's so unreliable. She goes missing everytime that I find her.
"I'll go look for her, I guess.", I sighed to myself, before getting up and reaching for the door to leave.

While walking down the corridors, as usual, these crazy-ass girls were crowding around me, screeching some sort of incantations. Normally, I would ignore their prescence, but I couldn't help but hear two girls in the background whispering to themselves.

"Did you see Juvia go up to the roof? Apparently she's meeting with Lyon, according to the third-years. How is something this ugly getting this much attention?"

They began erupting into laughter, and I felt anger consume me. I'm not supposed to be angry about her meeting with Lyon, am I?

So, why am I bothered by it? I'm getting angry for the wrong reasons.

Nevertheless, I found myself wanting to unconciously head towards the roof.

"Move out of my way.", I bluntly stated.

Seriously, they're so annoying. Pushing them out the way, I weaved my way out of the crowd, and focused on getting to the roof. I'm just worried about her, that's why I'm looking for her.

That's all.

"That's right. I'm just worried.", I finally convinced myself.

I grabbed the door knob, and slowly opened the door. I saw a blue-haired figure standing with the palm of her hand directly placed onto a silver-haired boy's chest.

"So it was true? What are they doing up here?", I whispered to myself, intrigued. I slightly pulled the door back in order to see more.

"Juvia, I love you. That will never change."


Love? He actually loves her?

I don't care about love, so why does it hurt so much?

Not wanting to hear anymore, I left. As I walked away, I still had this peircing feeling in my heart.

I don't want her to be with Lyon.


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