Chapter 43

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Time Lapse: 1 month and a half

I wake up breathing heavily, tears touch my cheeks. I had another nightmare about the baby. It still scares me, she could come too early or something could go wrong. I accidentally wake Tobias up. "Tris?" He says groggily. "Sorry" I said quietly. He pulls me to him, holding me tightly. "Was it another nightmare?" He asked. I nodded. "The baby..." I placed my hand on my stomach and sighed with relief. He put his hand on mine. "She's okay." He said, trying to calm me down. I nod. "I'm sorry" I said again. "Tris, stop apologizing" He says. "I keep waking you up" I say. He smiles a little, I love that smile. "It's fine," He says, kissing my forehead. I nod and close my eyes again. He holds me in his arms. "I love you" He says. "I love you too" I said, slowly falling back asleep. I need to trust Tobias, he's been right all this time. She's okay. She will be okay. No matter what.
When I wake up it's 9:12am, I'm still safe in Tobias' arms. I sigh and sit up. He's still sleeping. Tobin starts crying in his room. I slowly get up and walk over to him. As soon as he sees me he stops crying and reaches his arms out. I smile at him. "Good Morning Tobin" I said in a soft voice, picking him up. I can't believe he's over a year old already. "Let's go wake up daddy"
I walk back to our room with Tobin in my arms. I put Tobin in the middle of the bed and sit on the other side, so he's in between me and Tobias. He giggles and starts poking Tobias' cheek. I laugh quietly. Tobias still won't wake up. Tobin sits on Tobias' chest and giggles at everything. That finally wakes him up. Tobias grins and opens his eyes. "Is this going to become a morning routine?" Tobias asks, starting to tickle Tobin. I laugh. He picks up Tobin and gets out of bed. "How are you feeling?" Tobias asks. I shrug. "I'm okay" I said, even though I'm not quite sure how I feel. "Christina wants us over later, do you want to go?"
I give him a confused look. "Y-you're letting me out? Are you sure it's okay?" I ask, I hardly been out since I need to be careful for the baby. "I think it's okay now," He says. I nod hesitantly. He brushes a piece of my hair and tucks it behind my ear. "Tris, we don't have to go if you don't want to, I know we're still worried about the baby"
"I want to" I said. He kisses my forehead and I take Tobin. I put Tobin in his highchair and get him baby food. He eats some and makes a face like he hates it. I try not to laugh. Tobias comes and sits next to me. "How about Dauntless cake?" Tobias asks Tobin. That catches Tobin's attention. Tobin smiles. "Tobias, he is not having cake for breakfast!" I said laughing. Tobias smirked. "Fine. Just a little, you got him all excited" I say. "Okay" Tobias goes into the kitchen and comes back with a small piece of cake. As soon as he sets it down Tobin reaches in and shoves it in his face. "You're cleaning that" I say laughing. "Fair enough" Tobias smirks.
Later we go to Christina and Will's apartment. Maybe it's for the best, or the worst. It doesn't feel right. I knock on the door. Christina answers right away. "Oh my God, Tris!" She hugs me. I smile and she lets go. "How are you guys? How's the baby? Hows-"
"Chris, let them in!" Will laughs. She rolls her eyes and let's us in. Uriah, Marlene, Zeke, Shauna, Will and Lynn all sit on chairs and couches. Christina joins Will and me and Tobias sit, Tobin sits on Tobias' lap. Everyone says hi. "Why haven't you been out lately?" Shauna asks. I try to say the words, but they don't come out. Tobias gives me a look, as if asking if he can say something. I nod. "Because we don't want anything bad happening to the baby." Tobias says. I don't need everyone seeing me cry or something, so I keep my head down. "And if something does happen?" Lynn asks. "Lynn." Zeke says sternly. "What?" She asks. "You shouldn't have said that" Uriah says. She rolls her eyes. "I'm just asking. It's not like it's impossible" Lynn says. I can tell by her tone she's not in a good mood, and when she isn't she doesn't care about anybody's level of sensitivity. "Still." Uriah adds. "Well why has she been so sensitive lately?" Lynn asks. "Geez, I don't know, she's pregnant?!!" Marlene says sarcastically. Tobias passes Tobin to Christina and wraps his arms around me. "It's okay. She's just in a bad mood. Everything will be okay." Tobias says quietly, so only I can hear. I nod. "Yeah, remember when I was pregnant? You told me I was eating too much cake so I sat there sobbing with cake on my face?" Christina says. I chuckle and wipe my cheeks. "What?! I missed that?!" Shauna shouts. Everyone laughs. "I have pictures," Will says with a smirk. She slaps his arm. "Don't you dare show them!" She scolds. "Fine!" He says, still laughing. Mara starts crying in her room. "Tris, do you want to go check on her?" Christina asks. She's still holding Tobin. I nod. "I'll help," Tobias says. We walk to Mara's room. She lays in the crib, crying. I gently pick her up and hold her in my arms. "Hey baby girl" I said softly, smiling. She opens her eyes and smiles back. I wonder what it will be like when I have my baby girl. I remember Christina's experience, with Mara being born early, I felt so bad for them. I can't imagine that happening to me too. But now Mara is in my arms, healthy. "Is she okay?" Tobias asks. I nod. "Hey, you better not be kissing in there!" Christina shouts. Tobias rolls his eyes and I laugh. We walk out and I bring Mara. Christina takes Mara and I take Tobin. "Everyone in a circle on the ground!" Zeke says. We all sit, Tobin slowly falls asleep in my arms. "Truth or Dare?" Uriah says. Everyone nods. "Okay, Shauna, truth or dare?" Uriah asks. "Dare" She says. Uriah smirks. He always comes up with weird dares. "I dare you to lick the floor" Uriah says. "Ew!" She shouts. Everyone laughs. "Just do it" He says. "Fine." She licks the floor and makes gagging noises. Uriah is laughing the hardest. "At least I didn't accidentally shoot a paintball in my mouth" Shauna mutters. Uriah blushes with embarrassment and everyone laughs. "Okay, Marlene, Truth or Dare?" Shauna asks. "Dare" she replies without even thinking. "I dare you to do whatever Uriah tells you to do for the next ten minutes" Shauna says with a smirk. Marlene groans and Uriah smirks. "Hey, Mar, can you get me a drink?" Uriah asks with a grin. She glares at him and gets up to get a drink. She comes back and hands him the cup, he drinks a bit then spits it out. "MARLENE THIS IS HOT SAUCE" He shouts. Everyone bursts out laughing and Uriah runs into the kitchen. About a minute later he sits back down and glares at Marlene. "Can I get you anything else?" Marlene asks. "No.." He mutters. She laughs.
After truth or dare Tobin is still sleeping in my arms. "Me and Tris should get going, Tobin's tired" Tobias says. I slowly stand up, trying not wake up Tobin. "Okay, bye guys!" Christina says. "Bye". We leave and walk down the hallway to our apartment. Tobias unlocks the door and opens it quietly. We walk to Tobin's room and I kiss his forehead before putting him in his crib. "I love you" Tobias says to Tobin. I smile. "I love you" I whisper to him. We leave and I close the door behind us. We walk to our room and lay in bed. Tobias wraps me in his arms, I can't help but smile. It's too early to sleep, but too late to really do anything, so we just lay there. Suddenly the baby starts kicking. I smile, it's the only sign she's okay. "Tobias" I say. "Yeah?"
"She's kicking again," I say. He places his hand on mine and smiles. He presses his lips to mine.
I look at Tobias, who is now sleeping. I look at the time quickly: 12:25am. Have I really been awake this long? She's still kicking. I sigh and turn to the other side, un comftorable. Suddenly what I thought was kicks, becomes pain. Almost the same pain I was in when Tobin was coming...No, no, she isn't coming now.

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