More Confessions

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After the defeat of Gaea, the whole camp was celebrating. They ate, talked, some just went to sleep, like the Hypnos Cabin. Everyone was outside by the Campfire.

Percy looked around and saw everyone. Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Clarisse, Frank, Reyna, Hazel, almost everyone. Except Leo. Percy and everyone was told by Nico that Leo is dead. Wait. Nico.

He didn't see Nico. He ran and went looking for him.

Percy was thinking to himself where's Nico? Then he found Nico at the lake just staring at the sky.

"Hey Nico." It started being awkward for both of them after Percy finding out that Nico has been having feelings for Percy.

"Hey. . . uummm, shouldn't you bee with Annabeth and the others?"

"Hey, I mean yeah, but your also my friend, right?"

Nico felt something through his body. It felt like someone stabbed him.

"Yeah, I guess." Nico wanted to cry but Percy was there.

Percy had realized. "Nico, I'm so sor-"

"No, Percy. I shouldn't even be crying about that. It's just. . ."

Nico started crying.

"Nico." It was one thing to hurt a friend but to hurt a friend that had feelings for him. Percy wanted to cry himself.

"If I was there, I would've been able to help you. When you fell in Tatarus, it was my fault. Leo had been the one saying it was his fault, but I need to take the blame. All the years since-" Nico hesitated. "I started having feelings, I wanted to protect you."

But you have have been helping me. The whole group. Before I fell into Tatarus, I told you to lead to group, and you did."

"I just wanted to save you. And Annabeth. But I didn't grab you arm and you did came back alive, but you suffered there."

"And as the same as every living organism, they are hurt when their loved ones suffer."

Nico started wiping his face with his shirt. "I'm sorry you're see me crying" Nico started crying more and tried to wipe his tears away.

Percy took Nico's hands and held them. "It's alright to cry."

Percy looked down and said, "I have a confession myself."

Nico was suddenly confused.

"Since the first day we met I didn't really like you, but when you left, that was when I knew I had feelings for you but you didn't came back for a while. I told myself to let go of you, which was really hard. Then finding out Annebeth liking me, there was someone who loved me, so I moved on and loved Annebeth. But there was this little part in my heart that stilled loved you."

Nico covered his face. "Oh my gods. You can be stupid sometimes you know?"

Percy came up to Nico, pulled his hands down and kissed him.

"I love you."

"I know that, stupid"

Percy smiled and laughed. Nico blushed more. Percy's smile was so cute to Nico. But Nico frowned and looked at Percy.

"Percy, I can't do this."

"Why?" Nico knew he was hurting Percy's feelings and that hurted him himself. But he cared for someone else too.


Percy's eyes widened and he felt like crying.

Nico smiled and said, " Go to her."

Percy sat up and looked at Nico. "But what about you?" Percy can't break Nico's heart again.

"Knowing that you loved me before, and you're happy, I'm happy. Now go to her."

"I had always had loved you. And I will only love you. Not loved you."

Percy kissed him again and said, "Am I still not your type?"

Nico rolled his eyes. "Shut up. Someones waiting for you." Nico smiled and Percy smiled back, and Percy ran back inside.

Nico went back to staring at the dark sky. In the back of the Argo ll, as she sat there, crying, it was Annebeth.

This is a fan fiction based on the Heros of Olympus, and some of the parts are not true compared to the original story, I only changed it for it to make sense to my story. Thank u for reading.

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