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Daves pov
I heard spongebob playing in their room "I'm back!" I shouted "Dave what" alvin said "you got?"Kovu finished off "I got 8 suitcases" "for us?"Jeanette said "yes we're off on a cruse-ship Kovu and alvin you better be on your best behaviour" Dave we have got this all under control"alvin said yeah we're not going to like ruin this holiday I mean come on it's for us all!" "Promise?"i asked "we promise" "well ok" I said giving everyone their suitcases "aww we love it Dave thank you" brittany said Simon was a bit quiet oh well
Eleanor's pov
I sat down with Jeanette and brittany "hey where's Kovu?" I asked "probably messing about like usual"brittany said "nope We're right here"Kovu said as she came walking in Simon Theodore and alvin and Liam "daves cooking same chips" Liam said and we all snuggled together on the couch and watched spongebob
Guys I'm sorry for not uploading as much it's school but I got a week off so I'll get more time to upload

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