Someone Goes Crazy

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The next day, Shane was angry. When Rick tried to talk to him, he gave him an angry look. Everyone tried to talk to him, but he seemed like he was mad everyone. Then he finally blew. He walked over to the barn, stomping, with everyone following him, telling him to calm down. He gave everyone a gun, and said "get ready". Everyone got ready since they had no choice. Hershel and his family were just standing there with nothing. Shane opened the doors and a bunch of walkers came out looking hungry. Shane began shooting. As well as everyone else. Even Austin. After they killed the first 15 or so, the walkers started coming out one by one. Hershel's family was crying, since those walkers were his family before everything happened. The last one that came out was a surprise to everyone. Sophia. She was bit, everywhere. She had those walker eyes. Carol burst into tears as Sophia walked out the barn. Everyone teared up a little, knowing they wasted their time trying to find her. Rick said "I'm sorry" to Hershel. Then he went up to him and said "what hell is the matter with you. That little girl was the reason we we're all her in the first place and you had her in your barn of walkers!?!". Hershel said "Oatis was usually the one who would go into the forest and get the walkers and he came across her". Darryl said "well why didn't you say something?" Hershel said "we didn't know and like I said before, Oatis was the one bringing them into the barn". Shane drops the gun he used on the walkers and walked away saying "your welcome". Everyone started quiet with each other for the rest of the day and didn't go near Shane.

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