27. Reveal

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27. Reveal

Lay me down a bed of roses
Cry me a river
And I'll bathe

Spare me your riches
Let me feel
Materialistic am I
Care never did I

For those eyes they all seem to dream
The heart I never believed
And the smile crooked it seems

I'd fly away
Grow wings and get scarce
Further from those eyes that saw through
The heart I thought never loved, it's hurting now
Pain I never knew you could make me feel

I'd run away
Never look back
Stop for no breaks
The ending I don't want
And the place I left
Let it be in the past

Embrace me with your love
Take me on a journey to learn
What we show and what we feel it's the hardest thing to deal
How we crawl back into ourselves when fear of getting too close seems so real

I can't let you see me like this
I'd rather go away
I'd rather hurt than face the pain I'll give you another day
You won't like what you see
A girl shadowed beneath
This veil that I'll reveal
It hides feelings I never knew I could feel


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