I was in a deep sleep while something terrible voice woke me up....

Oh,what was it? I stood up from my bed and put on my wrapper. It was so dark in my room,I turned on the lights quickly and washed the sweat from my face. The voice was like something broke but what? And who did that?

I went downstairs from my room. The lights were turned off but I remember that I didn't turn them off. I was afraid. What was happening?

That sound again! Oh I started to shiver because of a fear. The voice was coming from kitchen. I decided to turn on the lights and then enter the kitchen. I went to the plug.

-"No,no,please just turn on,please.." -I whispered and tried again to turn on te lights but nothing happened. -"Oh I needed only this for my happiness!!!" - I whispered again and went to the kitchen.

-"Who is there?" - I asked. Anyone could understood that I was scared from my voice.

No one answered.

-"Is there anyone?" - I asked with the highest tone of my voice. I heard that voice again and suddenly the lights turned on. Oh what I saw!! It was the worst weather on the outside,the storm which opened the window so the glassware fell down and broke.

I closed the window quickly because the virus could come in house! Then I fell down on my knees,took the broken glassware and chucked it in my rubbish box. But I was still scared of the dark. I hate bad weathers because when it's so,the lights turn off.

I didn't turn off the lights in the kitchen so went to my room. I lie on my bed but I couldn't sleep. "Harry's" room was next by mine and from it were coming some voices. Is he talking to someone? Hm.... But it's too late now. Ah what should I do? I can't sleep.

I decided to wrote a message to my bro.

"Hey Brad! How are you my sweetie? I'm sorry if I woke you up but I can't sleep and don't know what to do. The weather is terrible! I heard some voices from the first floor,I went down and the window was open for that stupid weather! Then I came back but couldn't sleep anymore. Me and Harry talked while went to sleep and he is really good person! He has never felt the love of mom. He grew up with his father and now lives with friend,Louis. I told him about our life too,but I didn't say some details which aren't really important,only we know about those details!! How is Barbara? When will this virus go from London? It's just so dangerous to think that you can die in every minute! Brad I love you!!"

I sent him my sms and put it on the pump beside my bed. I don't know why but I started to cry. I remembered how I slept with my mom and dad or with Brad in a bad weather. They were playing with my hair or singing to me sweet songs. I missed that time. I missed them! With my whole body! The whole soul! The whole mind and the whole heart! I must go in New-Jersey on their graves and should talk to them about my new life,about our life,me and Brad's life. How good we are here,that we have the real friends and are happy with eachother.
I was sobbing. I stood up again,put on my wripper again and went to the musicial room,which is on the third floor of the house. In this room were the instruments which on me and Brad played when we felt sad. There was one piano,three guitars one electro,also percussion instruments and a little stage,on it was one microphone and a little chair. I sat to the piano and opened it.

I loved playing on it but it was the first time after the death of my parents when I wanted to play. I started to play and sing.(Sam Smith - Leave Your Lover)

It was so good. I felt like I was flying. I wasn't in that room at that moment. I was in another world,which was such amazing! There were no problems! Only me,music and nothing more.

Harry's P.O.V

I ended up talking with Louis when heard the voice of piano and the sweetest singing ever! I stood up and went out of my room. The voice was coming from the third floor. I went there and found the room. I opened the room stilly and saw Lily,she was playing on the piano and singing one of my favourite song! She was such an amazing singer! I didn't know that she was so talented. I just frozed on my place and continued to listen to her. Started to think about her and imagined the world where were only me and her. Only us and it was so beautiful!
She stopped and started to cry. I was amazed for how she was singing and why she was crying. I didn't know what to do. I patted to her and she looked behind where I was standing.

-"Lily! You are so talented! I am amazed." - I said and went to hug her. -"But why are you crying? A girl like you shouldn't cry because you deserve only happiness!!" - I came and hugged her tightly. She started to cry more. She was sobbing and it was killing me. I hated when the girl was crying for that accident. But it wasn't the same.

-"Hey Lily,stop crying! What's going on? You're frozen! C'mon go with me and lie down." - I helped her to stood up and we went to her room. She lied down on her bed and started to shiver.

-"Harry please don't go." - she said to me with quaver.

-"I'm here Lily! Can I lie down with you? I won't do anything I will just heat you okay?" - I answered and waited for her.

-"Okay." - She said and I lied down next to her. She was so frozen!

-"Lily how long were you sitting in that room? You're so frozen and you're shivering!!" - I said and hugged her.

-"I wasn't there for a long." - She answered and hugged me more.

-"Hm.. I don't think so!" - I said and started to play with her hair.

-"Thank you Harry."

-"For what?" - I asked but she was in a deep sleep. I put my hand on her back and started to move it up and down. When I fell asleep.

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