First day of what

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RING!! RING!!! Ugh. I slam my fist on my phone. Ow. I shouldn't of did that. Maybe just five more minutes. I press snooze and drift off in a deep sleep. "Mommy wake up!" My little 4 year old said. Yes I had a child at 13 I am 17 now. Got a problem? Don't care.

I love her with all my heart. So I didn't abort. "Hmf?" I mumbled. "Mommy it's fwirst day of scwool."my daughter Lola said. Oh yeah me and her first day of school. She is going to preschool and I am going to 12th grade. "Okay Hun I will run the bath. Go and play with the Sookie." I say.

Sookie is the dog. Lola likes to play blocks with her. I don't know why. "Okay mommy." Lola said. I lazily get up and run her bath. I put bubbles in it. "Lola bath is ready!" I yell. "Coming!" She says.

I strip her out of her clothes and put her in the tub. I get the rag and wash her. After I get her dressed in yellow shirt and orange shirt with flowers and sneakers I drain the water and turn on the shower. After I wash i get in my red crop top with white short and red and white converse I fix Lola breakfast. And I walked Sookie. I came back and gave Sookie food and water. I grabbed Lola and sweet out the door.

I dropped Lola off and I started my journey to school.
Once I got there guess who I saw!
Kayla and Nikki! Ahhhhh!
"Kayla! Nikki!" I scream. "Laura!!"they scream in unison. "I missed ya'll so much. I hugged them. We talked for like 5 minutes including them asking how Lola and Sookie are. But then Nikki went pale. "What is wro..."said Kayka until she went pale too. "What are you doing. " I say looking back. I couldn't believe my eyes. My boyfreind Caleb is beating up a new kid.

I run up to him and jump on his back. "Stop stop!" I yell trying to get him to stop. Lots of people were yelling and laughing at the kid. Caleb stops. "What princess do you like him now?" He smirks smugly. "No but you better stop before u kick you where the sun don't shine." I say. "Ooooooh!" People say. "So stop or don't even think about another day with me." I say smiling. He walk away. I help the poor kid up. "Hey sorry about him." I say. "Yeah thanks." he says with his head down. He walked away fast. "Hey wait what's your name!" I yell.
He doesn't answer just walks away.

Rude much....

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