//Wait for him to be mine//

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Kate's POV

When i wake up the following morning, Matty is still sleeping next to me. I run my hand through his curly hair softly, trying to not wake him up. He moans,"Noo let me sleep" I chuckle, and get out of bed. I open the curtains and suddenly Matty's body is in the sunlight. I look at him, at his curly hair, black in the dark and brown in the light, his body decorated with tattoos and his face with a peaceful expression on it.

"You like what you see don't you?", Matty says with a low voice. My cheeks are blushing. "Come here love" Matty points to his side. I jump in bed and wrap my arms around his warm body. I can hear him chuckling and kissing my forehead. Suddenly he is moving and i am laying under him. Matty kisses me softly and i play with his hair while kissing him back. "I love you Kate", he breathes.

Then his phone starts ringing and destroy this moment.

Matty sighs and looks who is calling. His face gets pale. "Hey Gem." I froze. Gemma, his pregnant girlfriend. How could i forget about her? I want to move, but Matty just pulls me back to him. "How was your weekend home? Really? That's fine. Uhm..no i am not at home, i am at Adam's place. Yeah the gig was great. Okay Gem see you later. Yeah love you too bye bye"  He lied to her?!

Matty looks at me, not knowing how to read my face. "You okay?" "I don't know.", i answer. Matty takes my hand and kisses the palm. I lay my hand on his cheek, forgetting everything. "I love you Matty Healy"

After breakfast, Matty is leaving. He kisses me before he closes the door and promises to call me.

I walk back to my room, remember the night with him.

I search my phone to check if i got some messages. And yeah, a missed call from Becca and a message. "Hey Kate, i am sorry i am feeling sick. Can you work for me today?" "Okay, get well soon Becca xx"

I check what time it is...SHIT i will be late. I grab my shirt for work and my keys and leave my flat.

When i arrive the bakery, April, a girl who works there for three years now, is waiting for me. "Hi Kate. Is Rebecca ill?" "Yeah" She is nodding,  saying 'bye then' and leaves the bakery.

I start cleaning the floor, when the door opens. "Hey Kate, what a surprise!", a familiar voice says. I turn around, seeing George standing there, grinning. "Hi George" "Hey, how are you doing?" "Fine, and you?" "Great thanks" He looks around. "Uhm...can i get a coffee please?" "Of course", i say and start the coffee machine. "So you and Matty had a good night?", George asks, smirking. I can feel my cheeks start blushing, "Uhm...." "Hahaha chill out love." Then he is getting serious again, "But you know about Gemma right?....Actually i didn't want to say anything but, i think you are the right girl for Matty. It will be hard to make him break up with Gemma completely because he loved her for so long. And i dont know why, but....i think Gemma is lying about her baby being Matty's. I know some things about her and..." He stops talking when he notices my shocked expression. "You think she is lying to him? Why?" George shrugs, "I don't know, maybe she doesn't want him to move on...but i will find out. It's not fair from her. Matty has done so much for her, but since she started taking drugs...she didn't get out of it like Matty." George looks at me worried. "Kate, i just tell you these things because i think you are better for him and i like you...please keep it as a secret that you know about their relationship okay?" " I promise" "Fine.....So now tell about your night", George winks. And we are joking around again.

After my shift, i leave the bakery, walking home. I think about what George told me about Matty. Can i accept that Gemma and Matty have a special relationship? Can i keep the secret, that George's thinking Gemma is lying?

I remember how Matty said he loves me. Yes i think i can, no i know it.

As i am near my flat, i see someone waiting infront of the house. When i get closer i recognize Matty. "Kate?", he shouts and opens his arm. I start walking faster and run in his hug. "Hi Matty, what are you doing here?" "I wanted to see you", he mumbles. "But you wanted to call" Now he smiles. "You didn't forget it" I furrow my brows. "Of course not!" Matty grabs my waist and pull my body to his. Then he kisses me hardly and making open my mouth to let his tongue get in. I moan, enjoying his body pressed to mine and start playing with his hair. Matty breaks the kiss for a second, breathing, "I love it when you do that" and kisses me again.

I don't know how, but after a while kissing we end up in my bed again.

I rip Matty's shirt off and take my clothes off as well. Now we're just in our underwear. Matty kisses down my neck, to my breasts and up again. He kisses my cheeks, my eyelids, my forehead and my lips. "I love you Kate. You cannot even imagine, how much i love you, how much i need you" My answer is kissing him back and pressing my body against his. I want to show him, how much i love him. I want to make him feel safe here, that i need him too and that i want him.

When Matty leaves the next morning, i know he will come back. And i know, i will wait for him to be mine.


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