Weddings, Part 1 (Chapter 21)

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(I <3 Octavian has updated his status)

I <3 Octavian: Guys, I've decided that I'm gonna marry myself.


Narcissus: OMG me too! We can have a double wedding!

I <3 Calypso: That's dumb! You guys are stupid. Everyone knows Team Leo is the best!

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PJ_Fangirl: I LOVE YOU LEO!😍

Travis: Who's that?

PJ_Fangirl: I live in Earth and I LOOOOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!<3

Thalia: I think she personifies all the adoration we have across the globe.

PJ_Fangirl: I LOVE YOU! (Not in the creeperish way)

(PJ_Fangirl has logged off)

Calypso: That was odd.

I <3 Calypso: OMG CALYPSO! YOU'RE HERE TOO! 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

Calypso: What's up with him...?

&@#%: It's been a long, weird day for all of us. 🐼


(Cupid has updated his status)



Thalia: I'm so scared.

Frank: Whoever hasn't been shot yet, come to New Rome's secret underground bomb shelter!

Thalia: Count me in!

(Thalia has logged off)


Artemis: Cupid, you're a literal pain in the butt.

Cupid: Muhuhuhehehuhehuhe


Artemis: Stay away from me.

Thalia: My lady! Come join us in the safe haven bombshelter!

(Artemis has logged off)

Ares: I gotta find her! 😍

(Ares has logged off)

Reyna: Frank, we're getting company.


(Athena and Poseidon are in a relationship)

Travis: Oh no! This upsets the natural balance of the universe!

Connor: I know! We gotta get it on video!

(Travis and Connor have logged off)

I <3 Narcissus: Yeah, I've got a wedding to plan...

(I <3 Narcissus and I <3 Octavian have logged off)

&@#%: I guess I'm the only one left on facebook.

(Apollo has logged on)

&@#%: Way to kill the moment, Apollo.

(&@#% has logged off)

~*~ Five minutes earlier, Offline ~*~

Annabeth: Percy, what color dress should I get?

Percy: You look beyond amazing in any color!

Annabeth: I think I should go with sea green so I can match your eyes! Who's gonna be in our wedding party?

Percy: Grover's my best man! And I guess Leo, Jason, Frank, Travis, Connor, Nico, and Chiron can be my, uh, whatever you call the rest of the men.

Annabeth: Hazel, Reyna, Calypso, Mom, Artemis, and Thalia can be my bridesmaids. And Piper's my maid of honor! Oh, Percy, it's going to be everything we've ever imagined! -she hugs him, and they start kissing-

Bystander: -walks by and whispers- PDA! Gross!

Meanwhile, behind a dress rack...

Athena: There's our kids. -she has binoculars-

Poseidon: Yep.

Cupid: -sneaks up behind the two immortals and shoots them-

Poseidon: -blinks and feels confused for a second- ...I LOVE YOU ATHENA!

Athena: OMG! I love you too! We have to update our Facebook status!


Connor: There's the dress shop!

Travis: Boutique.

Connor: Whatever. -he holds up his phone-

Travis: -holds up his phone- Lets do this! -they run inside and start video taping Athena and Poseidon, and Percy and Annabeth-

Connor: -narrating- Today we witness the downfall of universal order!

Bystander: -walks by again, and faces the camera- PDA!

Percy: -sees the Stolls- Hey Connor! Travis! You're in our wedding!

Travis: What?

Athena: We should go on a date!

Poseidon: Let's go to the beach! I hear the tide's gonna be good! And I should know!

Athena: You are so smart! -giggles-

Travis: This is so wrong.

Connor: Completely messed up.

Travis: We have to post this on Facebook!

Connor: Of course we do!

Annabeth: Percy, lets go to the beach too! You always look so hot with sand in your hair! -the two couples leave the dress shop-

Connor: And... got it! -they hi five-

Meanwhile, in NRSUB (New Rome's Secret Underground Bombshelter)

Frank: Ner- Sub. We have weird acronyms around here.

Artemis: Yeah... I'm bored.

Reyna: We can play... Monopoly?

Frank: NO!

Thalia: What's wrong with Monopoly, other than the lame shoe?

Frank: Once I played with Nico and Hades. The game is now completely ruined for me.

Reyna: Then what else do you want to do?!

Artemis: -sarcastic- Stare at the wall? Why aren't you all better prepared? We Greeks would never be so boring!

Frank: Well, we have a case of water, a two liter bottle of Diet Pepsi, a box of expired Chips Ahoy!, a few cans of beans, Monopoly, and a half a can of red wall paint.

Artemis: Excellent! We can watch paint dry!

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