first day of school chapter 1 frank p.o.v.

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I was scared. At first but it wasn't that bad I mean I don't know anybody it sucks but o well I will find someone like me soon.

I always sit in the way back in the corner I draw creapy stuff in the notebook. This girl came up to me and said "Are you emo?", I said "yea", she automatically said "ew". I got so fucking mad I said "shut the fuck up you don't no what's fucking going on in my fucking life, First fucking get your fucking facts straight, then come back to me,and maybe I will listen but in till then, go the fuck away. She stared at me for like a minute straight I looked down and looked up again she was still there in shock.I said "Why the fuck are you still here? Go the fuck away". Most people say I'm not "normal" What is the definition Of normal any way? then when I looked over I saw Gerard he was just like me I so many ways. I thought to my self I have a crush. Later that day I saw him the hall when I looked in my locker then looked back quickly and he ran right in to me he dropped his books and I dropped mine. When we were picking the books up and when he looked in my eyes I looked around and nobody was around so I kissed him. He refused. When I went home I thought to my self why did I do that I'm so stupid. I was scared to go back to school well I guess I will find out tomorrow. (. Sorry about the short chapter. And sorry for cussing alot I'm trying to express what I feel and what frank feels.)

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