Hello guys, girls, and cheese! I'm trying to right a story, yay. I'll warn you now, I have the tendency to not finish what I start -.-  I'll try my best with this book though. 

Here's what's gonna be happening. 

Normal text like this will be what's happening leading up to/ or after a decision. You can do nothing but read this part. Huehuehue...

Bold text like this will be where you make the decisions. Each decision you can choose from will have it's own chapter. This will also be how I let you know if say, you failed and Mitch died. Huehuehue...

Yep! As for the chapters, here's how it'll work.

A solid number like 1 is a checkpoint. This is where you may return to if you fail or get an incorrect ending. 

Other numbers such as 1.A is a choice chapter. These are going to show you what your decision resulted in.

Every choice/end of chapter will have bold text that explains what to do next. 

You have finished the Intro chapter successfully. Now proceed to 1

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