Chapter 1 - I fake my smile, you fake your tears

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Echo’s POV –

I’m cold now; still sat in that dusty waiting room. They have left the air conditioning on. I’ve never been to this part of the hospital…

I hear voices – the doctor and my dad

“I’m sorry…” I hear the doctor say

“No, it can’t be true… please tell me you are joking!!!” My dad replied

“I’m sorry sir I am not authorized to joke about these situations” The doctor replied, sadness in his voice.

I knew this was coming, I am sad to say that I am glad. I am dying you see. At least I don’t have to be the cause of my own death now…

I hear my dad break down into tears… He has planned this whole thing out; practiced crying – fake of course.

The only thing he cares about is alcohol.

I put my headphones on – play Carolyn by Black Veil Brides. They are all I have now…. All I ever need.

Thoughts rush through my head; remembering my mother – I didn’t care for her much either to be honest – she died after overdosing on heroin. Her name was Carolyn so I felt a slight connection with the song – apart from needing someone when she died – her mind was dead while she was alive, it was only a matter of time before her body died too.

The next song plays; it’s ‘a trophy fathers trophy son’ by Sleeping with Sirens. That’s more like it, much more relatable…

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