chapter 11:the big day tragedy

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i am a nervous wreck. today is the day of the wedding and i feel like i'm not ready. pretty much, right now i am surrounded by at least five other vampire slaves who are trying to help me. makeup will at least take 2 hours to pretty much im just sitting here with all the slaves and just getting my make up done. maeve is sitting with me and telling me that everything will be fine-and it will be.

while the other slaves were getting ready to get my dress on, there was a knock on the door. "hello ladies is it possible that i could see my bride?" a deep seductive voice said. i bet you know who that was. the slaves rushed me away to hide into a different room, because the whole "you cant see the bride until the wedding thing" so i hid and closed the door.

then i heard

maeve saying,"sorry but you know the rules Draco, you cant see the bride until the wedding." and Draco said,"can i just talk through the door with her?""fine but just for a minute."

i heard him walk up to the door and stood against it. "so i heard that its our wedding and that i cant see you today huh?" draco said in a seductive way."well yeah but what did you wanna say?" "i just wanted to say... i love you and i will always love you no matter what." i stood silent as he went away and i sat down in the dark room i was standing in.

i got my dress on with maeve helping me and put on my was at least three hours till the wedding. we finished up my hair and touched up a bit of my make-up. then every slave and maeve left the room so i could wish myself luck and pray and stuff.

but in the middle there was a knock on my door. "come in", i said and a person or vampire i have never met walked in. "hello crystal... nice dress." he said, as he walked up from behind me. "who are you?" "my name is leo." "i have heard your name somewhere. can you please freshen up my memory?" "well, do you remember the time you woke up in your bed with nothing but your blanket around you? you thought it was draco who undressed  you, but it was actually me." i froze in my place. "wait. then what did you do to me while i was asleep?" "oh; i just squeezed you in some place, maybe touched you're skin to see how soft it is...". he then came up from behind me and brushed his finger against my bare shoulder. it sent raging chills and goosebumps up my spine and the rest of my body.

and now he is bending loving over my neck and breathing in the scent of my smell. i hear his teeth growing  out of his gums making a crunchy sound. "this is gonna hurt." he said as he dug his fangs into my neck. he is sucking so much blood that i cant breath. i can see the light forming in my eyes as a male figure bust through the door and rip leo off of me. and in my last dying breath i said," i love

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