The Chase

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I was sitting in the car with my family listening to music. We were on the highway about to exit, but I realized we were being followed. Just as we were turning, they slammed into us making us turn around and hit the wall in the middle of the road. One in back, front, and side. My jacket slipped off but I put it back my ears ringing. This was the third time. I looked forward they were both knocked out, but my brother was in shock being older than me. When he looked at me he was uneasy at how calm I was. I then ducked and kicked his window open. "When I say 3 take off running I will follow." I told Asher. His golden eyes always astounded me. All he did was nod. As soon as I said three he jumped out and ran, me not to far on his heels. He slid into the trees and when I hit them I threw my jacket in the air and my wings stretched out. Using all the force I could I took off so fast that Asher fell. When I got to my jacket I hid it in a little pocket that almost makes stuff vanish. I looked at him and stopped. "Asher!" I shrieked as he was shot and had fallen just after he had gotten up. My instinct took over to fly away, to not get harmed. All my memories made would be forgotten with their death. I took off almost reaching a jets speed but when I landed I didn't realize where I was.

 I was in the middle of the woods. "Dammit Crystal," I said, "look what the hell you just did." Only talking to myself. I then heard a helicopter and flew up above the cloud line. But it wasn't them rather just a random group of people. I knew I had to go back, but I couldn't because of the people who have been after me. I decided to go have some fun. After a while of flying I landed by a gas station. Once I finished put my jacket on I grabbed my little wallet purse and walked inside. Everyone looked at me with curiosity, only being fifteen. I sat down at a booth and read the menu. I ordered biscuits and gravy since I was most familiar with it. I was so shocked with what had just happened that my face was still lined with red from my eyes running with tears. Then there were cops outside I sat low this time and ate my food only finishing half of it. I leave a small tip of fifteen dollars and rush to the bathroom to hide as the cops walk in. If they saw me, I knew I would be in huge trouble. What do I do now... I'm stuck in this bathroom- Wait the window, it leads to the back. I ran to the window and noticed the lock on it, climbing up on the sink I kicked with my legs and hit it. The lock broke just in time because when I jumped out I heard the shouts of the cops running in the bathroom. I dove behind a tree and sat there bushes and rocks blocking the view of them from seeing me. I have to get to that stream down there. If I can lose their dogs then I will be able to go to Ace. I grabbed my phone out. It read one hour before it got dark, maybe thirty minutes. I am going to have to wait them out. I sent a quick text to Ace telling him to get the place ready for me. Ace, let's just say he is one of the few people I can trust with my secret who hasn't gotten himself killed.

 After about thirty minutes the cops ran a certain way hearing someone say they saw someone like me go that way. I made a run for it almost breaking my ankle when I got up. I ran in the water loosing my tracks due to the swift moving water. Not to quick and just shallow enough that I can run in it. I better hurry before the cops find out that wasn't me.  I headed down the stream at a jog. Small tree lined the side maybe a few shrubs, every now and then there would be a small fish or some type of animal but it would quickly get away before I got to close. I then spotted the old warehouse. Didn't look to friendly to anyone new, but I wasn't new.

 "Ace, I told you to get this place ready for me and the way you get it ready is leave your beer cans and cigarettes lying around?" I said to him in an annoyed tone. "Oh shut your mouth up, I wasn't thinking you were that close." Someone said in a slur of words, someone who stank of smoke. "Ace how long has it been since you took a shower. I thought you said you wanted a lady friend." I winked teasing him. "Crystal shut up, you are my lady friend. Also if you really cared about that shit lying around why don't you clean it up yourself." Ace glared at me and then went back to playing on a video game. He was failing badly at driving in the game to. "I guess I have to clean up the mess." I walked off with a small trash can and started picking up the mess he left behind. After I had finished doing that I set the can back outside and then closed the door to change. I put my long black hair in a ponytail and my Silver eyes shined through bright as the full moon. I put on a pair of running shorts and a tank-top not really minding that Ace was here. Ace was like a unwanted son, but to me he was like my brother. I walked out with a Pocky in my mouth and sat down beside Ace on the couch. Ace wasn't really his name. He changed it because he didn't want a reminder of his past life. He only allows me to call him by his real name. "Hey Jason, can I try to play for a minute?" "Fine, but don't mess up, you got to loose the cops." His slurred words were so funny sometimes. I took the controller and hit the car into full gear. I shot at the cops and then took a hard right. "Hey, hey, hey! When did you get so good at this driving game!" He kind of yelled as I drove into a garage to hide. "Hide in there every time and you will for sure loose the cops." I offered him a Pocky but he refused. As I walked into the room to step outside, I heard Jason's phone ring. "Hello, Oh hey man what's up? Yeah Crystal is here... Wow. why couldn't you call her cell instead of mine. What it got no signal..." Ace glared at me, I just shrugged and walked over grabbing the phone. I slumped into Jason's lap knowing it annoyed him. "Hey Zach. WHAT?!" I shouted and I threw myself up off the couch grabbing the remote. I set it to the news. "Hey what the hell I was playing-" Ace shouted but was cut short. "Shit your in some serious trouble." On the news was a wanted video playing. I was in it. "God damn it!" I shouted and threw the remote. "Hey Crystal calm down. You can just come up to America while I'm here." I heard the grin in Zach's voice. "Nothing Perverted. Or I will kick your ass." I hung up hearing him kinda laugh. "Hey Jason. I have no choice to go to Zach. I can't get caught and you know why." I told him. "I understand. You go pack I'll go find a job to pay off things I guess." He sounded a little upset. Him and Zach never got along well. All because those two liked me. I don't understand why they would like a insane bitch like me. "Yeah I'll go pack. and light to. Don't want to fall from the sky." I said trying to have humor. "Your flying? Why not drive?" "Because cops would easily get me, and the ones who killed my last family. I have to fly." I said and walked off grabbing a small bag. Throwing some quick clothes and money in the bag as I hear Jason messing around outside of the room. I put on some old shoes and walked out to Jason as he was looking for his cell. I realized I had it and then handed it to him, "Well I guess I'm off, you sure that you can handle all of this on your own?" "I do most of the time." He looked at me still a little mad. I gave him a small hug and then I took off. I was hoping Zach at least had changed maybe just a little bit.

  I soon passed over Arkansas, no joke it was pretty, and a natural state. I then flew a bit faster over Oklahoma to head to Colorado. Zach finally had his own home so it meant no people, meaning I won't get caught. After a few hours of flying I soon landed and grabbed a small paper saying the name of the town. Sure enough the sign in front of me had the name on it. "Guess he is somewhere here." I took off and flew slowly around soon finding the street. Soon enough a normal looking home was in front of me and I slowly knocked. No one answered. He was probably sleeping half drunk. I then went to a window and climbed in, for me it was to easy to break into home through the windows. Sure enough Zach was there on the couch drunk and a cigarette beside him, smoke was still rising from it. I sighed and put my bag down putting my jacket on and putting the cigarette out. He made a slight sound as I did so. I went to grab the bottle from his hand and he woke up. "Hey! When did you get here.?" He said his voice a little slurred, as usual I just grinned. "Zach you've been drinking again. By the way you need locks on your windows." I smirked wider as he glanced at his window. You know, sometimes Zach was kind and funny. Sometimes he makes me so happy, he was probably one of the first people to do that. He sat up rubbing his eyes and I brought him a glass of water setting my bag down by the couch and going to lock all the windows, and of course the door. "Zach you really should be more careful, someone could've broken in and stole stuff." I told him. He looked at me with this kid look, I swear he looks so much like a stray puppy, but this was just him being drunk, and being around me. 

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