Chapter Ten

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Stevie sat anxiously by the phone, having not moved in almost an hour.

It had been over a week since the house inspection, but today was the day she would find out whether she had a court date or not. It was the first of many scary steps she would have to take, in order to finally be reunited with that baby girl she adored so much.

Karen had come over early that morning to make sure Stevie was awake for the call, but had walked in to find her already sitting by the phone in the kitchen clutching what must have been her third cup of coffee at least.

“How are you feeling?” Karen asked as she put away some groceries she had brought with her.

“As if things could go really well or really badly today, and there’s nothing I can do about it,” Stevie sighed, her eyes transfixed on the telephone.

They both jumped a little as the shrill ringing of the phone cut through the silence in the kitchen. As Stevie hastily picked up the call, Karen shuffled across the room to pick up the other receiver and listen in on the call.

“Hello?” Stevie tried to sound cheerful.

“Stephanie, hi! Brenda here!”

“Hi Brenda! How are things with you?”

“I’m very well thank you, but hey, you don’t want to hear about me... No, I’m sure you’d much rather hear that – you have a court date!”

Stevie almost screamed through the receiver in excitement, standing up from her chair and flapping her hands around in glee.

“Oh! Oh Brenda! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much!” Stevie squealed.

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting for so long, there was a lot of paperwork involved. What actually happened was that they gave you a date that was several weeks away, but I wasn’t prepared to make you wait that long. So I called in a few favours and I’ve had the date brought forward!”

“Really?!” Stevie gasped. “When is it?”

“Three o’clock this afternoon! If you’re able to make it that is…”

After a quick glance over at Karen, a reassuring nod of her head and a thumbs up, Stevie gave the go-ahead.

“Yes! Yes, we’ll be there!” she beamed. “Brenda, you are a miracle worker. Thank you so much!”

“Don’t thank me just yet, Stephanie. Save it for when you finally have that baby girl in your arms!”

Karen took over the call to gather all of the details from Brenda and make the necessary arrangements for the rest of the day. When she had finalised the plans, Karen made her way straight up to the spare bedroom where she knew that she would find Stevie.

“It’s happening, Karen!” Stevie stated in awe. “Am I ready? How am I meant to convince them? I thought I’d have more time to prepare…”

Walking over and grabbing a hold of her shoulders, Karen told her to take a deep steadying breath and compose herself.

“You’re ready, Stevie. Just go in there, be yourself, and fight for Lily!”


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