Let's Play

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"Girl no lie you look good so who's the lucky guy" Yasmine say as we was sitting at the food court.

"You'll get a chance to see him once we leave here, If I tell you that boy is just as crazy as he want to be. But at the same time he's sweet and a good boyfriend".

"I wish I had someone like him, I was fooling with this guy and he was kind. The bad thing about it is he has a girlfriend".

"Oh no you don't need to be with him if he got a girl Yas".

"I know Tori but I love him, when he be with me I feel that connection like we are made for each other".

"Aww is somebody falling in love" I smirk at her.

"Yes I am, he told me he want kids Tori, I'm willing to give him kids".

"She must don't want kids right now".

"No the problem is that she can't have kids but he want kids".

I choke on my drink and what Yasmine just told me, it was like what I'm going through expect CJ told me he would be right by my side no matter what.

"Are you okay did I say something wrong" Yas ask as she look at me, I don't know if I should tell her about me not having kids.

"I'm fine just caught me off guard, you ready to go" I got up the table and threw my trash away.

"We heading to your house now"?

"Yeah, he should be back from playing basketball" we got in the car and left out the mall parking lot.


"That's game I'm done" I walk over to the bench to get my bag and stuff so I could head home.

"Mane you cheated and you know it" Josh said wiping his face.

"Yeah yeah whatever, don't hate cause I'm that good. Look my girl cooking so y'all wanna swing by the house and chill" I ask Josh and his friend Mark.

"Shid I'll be by there would your girl mind if we come by" Josh say.

"Nah she won't mind, Ima call her on my way home" I got in my car and call up Tori and told her that we"was having company.

Soon as I made it home I got out the car grab my gym bag and made it in the house just to see Tori and Yasmine. I was so stiff I couldn't move, Yas gave me a hurtful look.

"Hey CJ I want you to meet my friend Yasmine, Yasmine this is CJ my man I was telling you about" I still didn't say anything.

"It's nice to meet you CJ" Yasmine fake smile then reach her hand out for me to shake it.

"Well baby aren't gonna to speak" Tori say.

"My bad nice meeting you, Tori I didn't know you was having company" I smile a little.

"Yeah she's a old friend of mines so we got in touch, I'm go get dinner started" Tori left out the living room while me and Yasmine was still standing there.

"Why you didn't tell me you was dating my friend" Yasmine whisper yell.

"I shouldn't have to tell you nothing and how I was suppose to know that you and her was friends. I think it's best that you leave I don't want you here" I tell her.

"Oh so you don't want your side chick and girlfriend under the same roof, well too bad cause I already told her how I feel about you. She just don't know who I'm talking about".

"Yasmine I swear if you mess this up for me you will pay" I step closer to her face.

"Says the person who want kids but they girl can't have kids" she smirk at me then left to go in the kitchen with Tori.

What did I get myself into, Yasmine can be a pain in the ass I don't need her saying shit to Tori. I went to go take a bath then came back downstairs to see the both of them sitting on the couch laughing and talking.

"CJ I hope you treating my friend right cause I would hate to hurt you if you're not".

"Don't worry I don't have time for these golddigging, ratchet, hoes. Tori is all I need" I walk over to Tori and kiss her lips when the door bell rung. I pull away from Tori and smirk at a piss off Yasmine, she wanna play these childish ass game then let's play.


We made it to CJ house and rung the door bell, he open the door and dap us up as we walk in.

"Come here baby I want you to meet Josh and Mark" CJ say.

When his girl came I couldn't believe my eyes it was Tori from the club, Devon is not going to believe this once I tell him.

"Y'all this my baby Tori, Tori this is Josh and Mark" CJ introduce us and I shook her hand as well as Mark.

I guess she was shock to see us, "You know you look familiar but it must be another person I'm thinking about" I say.

"No you must got me mix up with someone else, look CJ y'all can go do whatever y'all gonna do while I finish dinner" she left and went into the kitchen.

We follow CJ in the living room to see another girl. "Damn CJ you got it like that, this one is you to" Mark say looking at Yasmine.

"Hell nah that's Tori friend, umm you can leave and go help Tori with the food" CJ tell her. She got up and roll her eyes at him and left out, While he was setting up the game I text Devon telling him he won't believe who I saw.


He got some nerve to be treating me like he did, when he was the one cheating on Tori with me.

I had no idea that Tori was going with him, Tori is my friend and I can't tell her that I slept with her boyfriend she would kill me.

I don't feel comfortable being here, "Tori I hate to leave but something came up I'll give you a call later" I tell her.

"Oh okay do you need me to take you home"?

"Nah I'm fine talk to you later" I tell her. I grab my stuff and look at CJ one more time and left out the door, if he wanna play with my feelings then I can do the same.

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