My Revenge, Not Your Wife

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      Hyung-Soo sighed, as she leaned against the railing on the side of the ship, and looked out at the dark blue sea. She was lost in thought, thinking about her twin brother, who had been killed on that day, with the same man who she claimed to "Love".

        But the truth was, she did not love him. He killed her whole family, just barely letting her escape. for whatever reason, whether it was he simply looked at the bigger target, the tall Korean boy, and not her, or he simply took a favoring to her. Whatever the reason was, she didn't like it. She wanted to be with her brother, not this man who had killed him.

        She wanted to help her other sibling, the Japanese man, escape with whatever he was doing. She was determined, and she wanted to see her 'husband' crumble, break down, whatever she had to do.

        Even if it meant destroying herself

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