Sleep Talk

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She slept like an angel. Wholesome, pure, beautiful. Her platinum, waist-length hair fanned around her body. She shivered a bit; her thin blouse provided little protection from the bitter air. I dug through the bag I'd packed for myself and grabbed a thick blanket, draping it across her body.
"Mmh? Charlie?"
I furrowed my brow, and figured she must have been dreaming. Then I realized; she was sleep-talking. I felt a little bad not giving her privacy...but I listened. She slurred the word, "Nevermind," and went quiet for a while. She rolled over, and I started to think she was waking up, that she wasn't in deep enough sleep to be sleep-talking anymore. I got up to make myself look preoccupied for when she woke up. Well, preoccupied with anything but her; which was the only thing actually holding my attention.
The word was barely a breath behind my back as I fumbled with the blankets inside the tent, debating on whether to wake her up or carry her in myself. My breath caught in my throat and I dropped whatever it was I'd been holding. I couldn't even remember, at that moment. Everything vanished from my thoughts. I went to see if she'd woken up. She hadn't moved an inch.
And she'd said my name.
I tried not to really think about it, but the knowledge sent this weird feeling through me, and in the pit of my stomach.
I couldn't think of why she'd be thinking - no, dreaming - of me. I listened a bit more.
That was the last thing she said that night. I finished putting everything in the tent. The two sleeping bags lay open, pillows on top, and a few more blankets folded between them. I stacked the bags in a corner by our feet, one empty aside from the two sweatshirts and the pair of sweatpants I'd brought for myself. I hadn't known what to do for the girl, so I just put in an extra sweatshirt.
I went to bring her to bed; as soon as I wiggled my arms under her tiny frame, she rolled into them, her face burying itself into my chest. She moaned a bit; I was being careful about her leg, but I'd forgotten about her shoulder.
"Ow. Charlie? Is that you?"
"Um,'s Alex. Remember?"
"Oh. Er, yeah. Sorry." I deflated at the disappointment in her voice. She seemed to realize something, and she continued, alarmed, "What the heck are you doing?"
"I swear, it's not...I mean, I was just...I was carrying you to the tent. I finished putting it together and everything." I felt so stupid stuttering like that.
I smiled a bit, but I wasn't sure what to say, so I just carried her in and lay her on the sleeping bag.

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