Road Trip

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As the truck rumbled down the road, there was an awkward silence. Nobody seemed to talk while on the road. So I spoke up, "why is your name 10k? Did your mom give you that name or is it a name you gave yourself?," he looked at me surprised at first, then smiled, "it's how many Z's I'm gonna kill. So far I'm at 4371."
My eyes widened with amazement, "really?! How old are you like 20?"
He laughed, "no I'm 18."
I smiled mysteriously trying to be funny, "even better." He looked at me confused, but not long after we were both laughing.
We must have disturbed everyone else because Murphy spoke up, "do you mind?" He scowled. I smiled at him, "sorry."
A moment of silence past by as someone shuffled uncomfortably.
"What's your story?" 10k spoke breaking the silence as Murphy just rolled his eyes. "What do you mean?" I asked cautiously not wanting to give a life story.
"I mean, how did your end up here? Where are you from?" He smirked.
I looked down not wanting to make eye contact as I awkwardly smiled.
"Well, I'm actually from Canada. I was on vacation here is America and that was when the apocalypse happened so we have been stuck here ever since. It has been my sister and I for the long run. She was taking me shopping. We've join some groups but things have happened to cause us to break off whether it's because of Z's or because of actual living people."
He stared at me studying me as I told him my story.
When I was finished there was a long pause. I blushed because I know everyone was listening even if they weren't look at me to listen.
Doc finally spoke up, "so you don't know where your parents are?"
"More like I don't know if they are alive," I frown.
It was silent again but this time it was an awkward silence.
What a sad story! We've all lost people, sister," Murphy spoke up with a tone that was very impolite. "Murphy please. These 2 girls have been through a lot," Addy snapped at him then turn to me, "we're your family now so you guys don't have to worry."
She smiled at me as I smiled back and nodded, "thank you" my sister spoke up.

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