Amy Trouble

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"Jealous?" (Y/N) asked herself as she sat on her bed staring out the window. She was so confused. She thought she loved Shadow yet when her sparkling (E/C) eyes met the blue heroes glistening emerald green ones she felt as if she belonged with him. What was she to do? She loved both of them but... she couldn't have both of them. "Hey hunny what's up?" Asked Rouge who had somehow entered her little sisters room without being noticed. (Y/N) turned her head to look at her big sister and flashed her a weak smile "guy troubles" she mumbled then returned her gaze to the window. "Hunny has Shadow done something?" Rouge asked softly shocked that her young angelic sister wasn't out with her friends. "No... it's just... I did have feelings for shadow yet seeing sonic again... made me fall in love with him... what am I gonna do?" (Y/N) sighed resting her pounding head on her knees. Rouge chuckled "sweetheart if you have feelings for sonic then you should go for him... let me handle shadow" Rouge stated placing her hands on her hips and doing her signature smirk. The younger female looked up at her big sister smiling thankfully up at her. "Thanks Rou-" (Y/N) began to thank Rouge until she was interrupted by loud shouting coming from outside the huge mansion the two sister looked out the window to see nun other than Amy Rose arguing with Tay and Blaze. "I WILL SHOW THAT SLUTY BAT NOT TO STEAL MY MAN!" Amy roared storming towards the mansion. "AMY DON'T YOU DARE AND (Y/N) IS NOT A SLUT!!" Tay yelled to the infuriated pink hedgehog. "GUYS COME ON CALM DOWN!!" Blaze screeched trying to stop Amy from making Tay to mad because Amy will be put into hospital. Both bat sisters bolted through the mansion and down some stairs the out to the front yard. "Amy what are you doing?" (Y/N) asked storming over to the pink hedgehog who whipped around at the sound of the young bat. "I'm here to tell you to stay away from my man you hussy" Amy hissed. (Y/N) growled and was ready to pounce onto the pink furry when suddenly the blue blur himself whipped out of nowhere at the speed of light. Once he skidded to a hoult he sent Amy a icy glare. "Amy I'm not your boyfriend! And (Y/N) is not a slut or a hussy she is the most beautiful thing in the world..." Sonic hissed yet once he finished the sentence he softly looked at (Y/N). Amy growled "I will have you back sonic! No matter what!". Once said she left... well a few minutes of everyone holding Tay back from pummeling the pink brat she left. Rouge and Blaze took Tay into the mansion so she could cool off leaving (Y/N) and sonic alone. The young bat was about to thank sonic yet sonic had snaked his arms around her slim waist and pulled her into a passionate kiss...

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