Maddie Comes Over

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I started to put all of my trophies, medals, leotards and dance shoes into hundreds of bags and threw them into the corner of my room.

"Kendall what are you doing?" My mom shouted/asked me.

"I - I'm not doing the ALDC anymore. I'm sorry but I can't stand Abby." I said starting to cry.

"It's okay. I know how you feel. You have a visitor. She's downstairs." My mom said.

"Okay." I said.

I ran downstairs and standing in front of my sofa, was Maddie.

I threw my arms around her and just hugged her forever.

"Do you want to come to my room and talk about this?" I asked Maddie.

"Yeah, of course." Maddie said.

We walked upstairs. Me still sobbing.

"What's going on?" Maddie asked me.

"Well, I was doing a dance an when I finished it, I fell on my butt like five times. Abby shouted at me and told me to get out." I explained.

"That's terrible. I feel really bad that every time a member of the ALDC does something wrong she always has to say 'why can't you be like Maddie'." She said.

"I know. It's not fair." I said to Maddie.

"Maybe we should start unpacking all of your dance things back up on the shelves and you are going to dance lessons tomorrow." Maddie said.

"I don't know if I can. I don't think Abby wants me back at the ALDC." I said.

"She will. Tell you what, my mom will drop you off tomorrow with me." Maddie said.

"How do you know that's alright with your mom?" I asked Maddie.

"It will be. You're my best friend." Maddie hugged me.

"Kendall, Maddie's mom is here to collect her." My mom said to us.

"Okay. Bye Maddie. See you tomorrow." I said.

"Bye." She said to me.

So I started hanging up my dance clothes, out all of my dance shoes in pairs and put them in my shoe cupboard. I put all of my trophies on my shelves and hung my medals on my pegs on my walls.

"Do you want me to take you to dancing tomorrow?" My mom asked me.

"No. Melissa's going to take me and Maddie." I said.

"Okay." She said and walked out of my room.

I'm not trying to brag or show off but by the time it took me to put back all of my dance stuff, it was bed.

I just lay in my bed looking at my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram until I finally fell asleep.

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