Elsas p.o.v

As I was in my room Anna popped in and said

" Ummmmm Elsa u might want see this"


We walked into the ball room and saw a purple portal

"Should we go in?" Asked Anna

"Not so sure if we go in and don't come out?"

"Well I'm going in and I will see wants going on"

"Well I will come with you"


Leo's p.o.v

As we were training a purple portal apeared and our dojo turned icy


"What le-ummmmmmm"

As he said umm 2 girls appeared from the portal one was beautiful she had a blue ice dress and frosty white hair also blue eyes you could get lost in.

She them fell onto the floor

"ELSA!!!!!!"screamed the girl with brown hair

"Sissy wake up please"

The portal disappeared I stared at the girl mikey was looking at her he has a crush on that girl

Then father and raph came in

"Who are you young lady"

"I'm Anna princess of arrandale"

"And your freind?"

"That's my sister Elsa and she is the queen of arrandale"

"How did you appear here?"

"Well me and kristoff were dancing together in the ball room then a purple portal thingy appeared and I told elsa and as always see was all wise and carefull and said not to go in but I wanted too so I told her I was going in and her as a protective sister she event with me"

"Wooowww!!!!"was all mikey said then......