Meet the Admin ~ Hazel

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Hey guys~ it's Hazel here, or more commonly know as FluffehHazel ^.^

Here's some stuff about me -

I am a 14 year old female, living in England. I am a shy girl when it comes to talking to people, as of what happened in my past.

I love to draw and I frequently take requests ^.^ I enjoy reading, my favourite books including -

The Hunger Games|Catching Fire|Mockingjay
Warrior Cats
And more~

I am not a girly girl, evidence of this is the scars all over me, from accidents XD

Facts about me -

• I have a crush on someone who was a jerk to me
• I once fell out of a tree and into a river
• I have never broken a bone
• I have never had a boyfriend, but been asked out
• I have a cat called Fluffeh.
• I have 39 scars on my left arm, 32 on my right arm, 7 on my face, 15 on my chest, stomach area, 23 on my right leg, and 29 on my right leg, so that's 145 scars 0-0 not a girly girl...

Questions -

How long have you been on Wattpad?

Probably... 4 - 5 months? On this account anyways.

How did you come across Wattpad?

Being serious here.. My mom told me XD

Who is your favourite Warrior Cat?

Bluestar, Scourge, Snowfur and Thistleclaw

How did you come across the series?

My friend told me about it after a while, but I'd found an rp about warriors, although I did not fully understand.

A Roleplay Example for us please?

Dirtysoldier crouched to the ground. Extending her femur, she flicked her right zenith. Her opal optics flickered around, as her tassel swayed over the dusty ground.

(I use anatomy XD)

Who was your first character? Describe them?

Spirit breeze. A silver she cat with white muzzle and underbelly with green eyes. She was a horrible cat, making enemies with the leader after bullying his son.

Who is your favourite Character(s) you have created?

Ravenstar, DirtySoldier, Silverheart

And randomly, favourite food? X3


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