Chapter 36

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Authors Note
Im continuing the story yay.

•••••••••••5 years later••••••••••••
Andrea POV
It's not the same. We searched for a note anything that could help us figure out where she went. This wasn't like last time, she's really gone. Caroline can walk and talk now but she's never gonna meet Chanel and thats what breaks my heart.

Caroline's POV
I was playing in my room and I jumped on my bed. I heard paper crinkle beneath me so I moved my pillow. I gasped. I shut my door and touched the letter. On the front In fancy writing was my name . I slowly opened it and started reading.
Dear My sweet Caroline,
You don't know me but I know you. Im your Aunt Chanel. I left town when you were a baby girl, not a day will go by when I don't think of you. I was supposed to help raise you but I ran. I'm headed for New York. I want you to call me whenever you want. Don't show anyone this letter sweet girl. I left for a reason and one day I will explain it all to you.
I love you Caroline.
Her new number was on the bottom . I didn't realize it but I had started crying . I heard my mommy calling my name so I stashed the paper in my pillowcase and ran downstairs .

Chanel POV
After I left to find a fresh start I headed straight for New York. I've been living in a loft , alone. I thought going back to work as a model, and leaving, that everything would be better. Instead it's lonely, terribly. I think about everyone and picture what Caroline would look like now. My phone started ringing and I checked the caller id. It was a LA number...
I picked up and heard a tiny voice speak up, "Aunt Chanel?"
I dropped the phone. I picked it back up, "Caroline?" I heard her sigh, "You know who I am? I got your note ." I started tearing up, "You read it. I miss you so much." I heard her breath hitch, "Then come home to me, We can start over Aunt Chanel. You can get to know me." I started crying , "I told you I left for a reason sweet girl. I can't come home right now." I heard her start to cry, "O. Okay.. I have to go .Love you auntie." "i love you too baby girl." I heard the line disconnect and silence. I threw my phone across the room and started crying again. I punched the wall and cried out. Pain shot through my arm and I crumbled to the floor. I slid down the wall. I can't lose Caroline.

•••••••••••••1 week later•••••••••••••••
I didn't leave the loft at all. I stayed in bed and cried. I heard a knock on the door so I trudged out of bed and wiped my eyes. I opened it and saw one person I never thought would show up on my doorstep....
I looked up and saw No One, then I looked down. I saw A little girl smiling up at me. My heart stopped, "Caroline?" She nodded and jumped into my arms. I started crying and I hugged her tighter. I set her down and brought her inside. "What are you doing here? how did you find me?" She smiled, "I'm hear to bring you home, I got Uncle Sawyer to trace the phone call. So I took Uncle Ricky's plane and took a bus to here." My eyes widened, "Do your parents know your here?" She shook her head no. "Im calling the cops kid." "Then I'll tell them you kidnapped me." she smiled. I bent down to her level and looked her in the eyes, "We leave tomorrow . She smiled and kissed my cheek, "I love you Auntie." I smiled. This would've been enough.

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