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     "Luka head to the training room for your next lesson," Slendy said walking past me. I went back to my room and pulled on shorts, a tank top, and a pair of converse. The minute I stepped into the room Masky charged me and I ducked, flipping him with my wing, much like before. "Very good Luka. Now we're going to start something new. You've learned defense now we're going to go over offense. For this we need Toby. Masky-," he groaned from the floor,"go get Toby please."
     "Again Luka." I was exhausted, we've been at this for 5 hours now. I swung at Toby, hitting him in the jaw, his head jerked up. He hadn't blocked fast enough. A grin spread across his face," Come on you can do better than that." I flinched back, how? How could he not feel that? "Toby was born not being able to feel hot or cold or pain. That's why I asked him to help us. Because he would not feel it." I nodded and fell to my knees, my breath caught in my throat. My vision started to flicker.

What's happening to me?

    Luka fell to his knees and breathing became labored. I caught him before he fell further. "Toby take him to the infirmary immediately!" Slendy said flashing out the room. Slaughter was freaking out, He kept whining and whimpering.
    I rushed to the infirmary with Luka in my arms. He was barely breathing. His muscles were clenched as if being tased. Jeff and EJ rushed in the room,"Is Luka okay?!" I looked down to him in my arms,"I don't know." He started to have seizures. "HOLD HIM DOWN!!!" I yelled, pushing his shoulders down. Slendy came in. "KEEP HIM DOWN!" He stopped having seizures and started breathing heavy. His eyes snapped open, they were blank. They were missing his twinkle.

What's wrong with Luka?

Unknown Person

It was working perfectly.

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