chapter 12

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*3 days until Virginia*

pov scarlet

I am really exited to go to Virginia.I haven't seen them in forever.This reminded me that i had to pack!!I ranaroind my house checking every closet but all i could find was a big sling bag that i could use as my carry on. So i drove to jc pennys i got this huge suitcase then I got a little smaller one.So I went back home.When i got home I started packing up my clothes in the big suitcase.I had so many clothes I had to stuff all of them because you can never have enough clothes.So then I started packing the small suitcase I put all my mackup in it then i put shampoo and conditionor in there.Then i put body wash and all of my jewalry in there.So I put both of the suitcases near my bedroom door.So now i packed I went and got the mail and i saw a letter from Virginia in there was my plane ticket it was from Sophie.After all this work I think I should take a break so I was riding down the street on my penny board for a while my mom was at work.She thought it was nice that I was going there to see both of them but she really didn't like me going on the plane by myself.I put my penny board away and went back up to my room I turned on my radio and was texting Sammi about how exited I was.It was about four so I started to make my dinner. I made some mac and chesse I ate my dinner then went and took a shower then I was on my computer until I went to sleep.

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