Chapter four

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Warning: the story has some pretty graphic violence from this point on. I'll put specific warnings on the more intense chapters so you can skip what makes you uncomfortable

"Uhh~" Peeta moaned. He felt groggy but he was still able to feel the restraints crisscrossing over his chest. His eyes fluttered open as he adjusted to the brightness of his surroundings. This was a different room than the one he fell asleep in last. This room was small, sterile white, and filled with medical equipment. The door in front of him slid back and the two men who came to retrieve him earlier entered.
With the bright light he was able to get a better look at them. One of them was no older than thirty, with a slight build and almond shaped eyes. He was clearly a capitol citizen, with his bubblegum pink hair and striking makeup. The second man looked older and carried himself with more confidence. His broad shoulders barely fit in the doorway and his gray eyes were as cold as steel. The first man was clearly a doctor because of his white coat but Peeta wasn't sure why the other man was there, in a peace keeper uniform. It was the doctor who spoke first.
"Hello Peeta. Now that you know why you are here, we have some questions for you. It would be in your best interest to answer truthfully." His voice was casual but stern, making Peeta cringe. The man moved over to the bedside and unfastened the restraints, motioning for Peeta to move to a chair seated in front of the largest monitor. His hospital gown swished as he stumbled to the chair and was once again restrained.
This time it was the larger man who spoke, "Listen carefully because I am not going to repeat myself. I assume you already know that before and during the 75th Hunger Games there was rioting in the districts. After your fiancée shot an arrow through the force field and ended the games a full-scale rebellion broke out. You and the rest of the surviving victors have been accused of aiding in this rebellion and conspiring with district thirteen."
"D-district thirteen?" Peeta stuttered out, still in a daze.
"Yes," the doctor spoke up, "They weren't fully eradicated after the war and have now grown strong enough to start another rebellion against the capital."
The peacekeeper spoke up again, "That is why it is imperative you tell us everything you know. Unless of course, you would rather face... punishment for your crimes."
"I honestly don't know anything. I didn't know about district thirteen, or any plan to escape from the arena, or a rebellion at all!" Peeta spit out nervously. He was shaking in the seat as the older man strutted around the chair to stand to face him.
"I'm going to make this very simple for you. I don't tolerate liars. We are going to show you what's happening in the districts, and you are going to tell us the rebels' next move. If you keep up this act, we have plenty of ways to get you to talk," the older man threatened while gesturing to a table full of surgical equipment.
The doctor switched on the monitor which flashed through scenes of rebellion, from all of the districts except one and two. It was horrifying. There were fires destroying store houses and bodies in the streets. In each clip he witnessed the brutality of the peacekeepers, who were as rough with women and children as they were with rioters. When the footage ended, the two men looked at Peeta expectantly.
"I swear I don't know anything about what's happening in the districts! I can't tell you their plans because I don't know any!" Peeta said, exasperated. He obviously didn't know about any of this so why did they insist on questioning him? He wasn't a rebel, or a criminal, he just wanted to find Katniss.
"Wrong answer," the peacekeeper growled as his fist collided with Peeta's jaw. His whole body jerked backwards as blood filled his mouth.
"I-I-I don't..." Peeta stammered out. The man took hold of the front of Peeta's hospital gown, forcing him to make eye contact.
"Tell us the rebels' next move, now."
"Please, I don't know!" Peeta cried out. The man swung at him again, this time the punch landed underneath his right eye.
"Crucio!" the doctor scolded, "His heart rate has been constant this entire time, he isn't lying".
"Fine," Crucio said as he slammed Peeta against the back of the chair, "Put him in solitary confinement. He is still an enemy of the capital after all."
With that the restraints around Peeta were released and the doctor took hold of his elbow. He led Peeta down a maze of empty hallways to his cell. The doctor unlocked the door and led Peeta into a cramped concrete room, with a bed on the left and a toilet on the right.
"You will be staying here for a while. We will come for you when we are in need of your services again."
The door slid shut and Peeta sunk down onto the bed, too stunned to move.

Author's note: Hi guys! Since this is my first fic I would love any advice or feedback. Let me know what you think of it!

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