My new enemy

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Hana walked down the hall toward her classroom. She tried to focus on reaching the room but instead she could hear her classmates blabbering on about something. The hallway seemed to go forever, the shiny green tile floor loomed in front of her. The whispers of her classmates closed in around her bounding over the closed wooden doors of other classes and stark off white cement walls.
"The new science teacher is so hot!"

"He's so young I wouldn't mind getting expelled for having fun with him!"
"No regrets I know!! I'll ask for extra classes that's for sure"
"I'll do that too!"
"No you can't I said it first!"
Comments like that were navigating the halls of the school, today is the first official day of school from summer break and apparently there's a very handsome teacher that makes all girls talk with no filter and dream about him out loud. It's not like I can judge them or criticize them, I haven't seen the guy and if he is actually good looking I may join their pervert conversations and make a plan on how to stalk him 24/7 because let's face it, that's our main goal when you meet a cute guy but then again he is a teacher so i better just keep my distance away from him.

"What period do you have now Hana?" Questioned Krytal, my best friend since forever.

"World History II with Professor kyuhyun ..ugh" I said when I saw my schedule, Mr kyuhyun was hard to work with, mainly because his voice was so low and he never bothered to speak louder and clearer, hence as to why I failed last semester when I had his class.
"Hey you have science at the end of the day, you lucky slut!" She said laughing, I laughed too only because the way she pronounced 'slut' was funny and because whenever she smiled or laughed i couldn't help but join her.
"Do you have class with Mr. Hot?" I asked her, she sighed and shook her head.
"Mr. Jackson is my teacher, he's nice and all but I would have enjoyed some eye candy every now and then you know?" she said with a perverted grin plastered on her face.

"yeah right, i would rather just go home and go back to sleep but it  isnt easy for me as soon as i'm unfortunately the daughter of the head teacher who runs this stupid school and their stupid teachers" i said, while lazyly walking to my first lesson.

"hahahaahahah who knows maybe, just maybe Mr. Hot can change your mind about that" She chuckle while walking behind trying to keep up with my pace.

"Maybe, but he will need a miracle to help tame this sexy beast" I said with my finger point towards my chest in a proud manner.

"You sexy, hahahahahah i understand that your a beast but when were you ever sexy" Krystal stated with a chuckle while running pass me before i could even say a word in defense.


This was it, I'd be facing the talk of the day in five minutes. I started walking towards 'the' classroom everyone craved to enter. I wasn't that bothered about the new teacher unlike some girls who rushed to the toilet the first chance they got to apply their make up, I just just took my seat near the window and waited for the day to just finish.

Soon the class was beginning to fill up with students coming one after the other, as i was busying looking out of the window i heard Ailee; the girl who usually sit next to me whisper my name.

"ppsssshh, Hana" she whispers in a low voice.

"hhhhhmmm" i hummed as an indication that i was listening to her, even though my eye never left the window.

"Hana, they say that the new science teacher is strict and was a top notcher in the exam boards for this years, that's why the academy didn't hesitate on hiring him" Ailee said while filling me with all the facts about this mysterious new teacher.

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