Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

I wasn't needed for Smackdown so I decided to go down to NXT to check on my friends and meet a few new faces I didn't get to meet because they weren't there yet. Once I got to the arena I got out of my car and grabbed my bag and made my way into the arena. I dropped my bag off in the locker room and went to go find someone. The first person on my list to see was Sami Zayn. But no one was really here yet. I guess I'll go out there tonight and give him the congrats in front of the crowd. Since no one was here I decided to go sit out in the seats where the fans sit. I just sat there just thinking about it all. I miss all my friends here. These are the ones I trained with. Sometimes I wonder if I wasn't and Orton but was in the WWE would I be in the main roster. When I got up I didn't notice someone was sitting a few rows behind me I jumped a little. I looked up and our eyes met. He gave me the biggest brightest smile I have ever seen. I gave him a smile back. He got up and walked up to me. He help out his and to shake. He was very attractive now that I notice.

"Fergal Devitt. We haven't met."

"Rachel Orton. Nice to meet you Fergal or should I say Finn" I winked. He laughed

"I know who you are though. You are one of the most respected and most looked up to diva in the WWE."

"Aw thanks that's sweet of you."

"RACHEL!" I heard someone shout. I looked around to see who it was.

"BENJI!" then I looked at Fergal.

"If you would excuse me" he smiled and nodded. I ran all the way down to the barrier and just hopped right over and ran to him. He caught me and spun me around.

"Again you didn't tell me you were coming." He grinned.

"SURPRISE." I smiled

"You're lucky you're cute. Now come on." He put his arm around my shoulders and guided be to the back.

"So I noticed you met one of the new guys."

"Yeah he was really nice."

"He's a good guy I guess" he shrugged.

"So anything new other than the whole you and Jon breaking up thing."

"Well there has been many articles that John Cena and I are together."

"Wait what!" He almost spit out his water.

"Yeah. Him and Nikki got into a fight so he was staying with me and we have a storyline together so they are taking this all out of context." He looked at me and smiled and grabbed my hand. And looked me straight in the eye.

"You know they aren't true and John knows they aren't and hopefully Nicole does to."

"Ha yeah well about the last one. She saw them and blew up. I just left because I wasn't going to sit there and be insulted."

"I know Rach I know."

-Skip to start of the show-

I stood at the monitor watching Carmella in the ring with Colin and Enzo. I shrugged on my leather jacket and went to the curtain with a mic in hand. Then my music played. I stood at the top of the ramp with a smirk on my face.

"You aren't Emma!" she screeched.

"I know I'm not but I'm glad you know your divas."

"I want Emma!"

"Awww is the so called fabulous one scared." I was making my way down to the ring she looked like she was about to pee her pants any moment now.

"Looks like Rachel is Carmella's opponent tonight. Carmella better be ready because Rachel takes no mercy. You saw what she did to Nikki Bella on Monday." I heard Corey Graves say. I smiled at him calling my match.

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