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Cameron- Cameron talks sarcasm a lot, and it's so funny. But, it annoys the crap of out him when you mimic him.

Jack G- Jack takes naps when he gets home from school most days. He absolutely hates when people interrupt his naps. So, when you knows he's starting to fall asleep, you run to his bed and start jumping on the bed.

Hayes- Hayes chews really loud sometimes, but you think he does it on purpose to annoy you. When you do it to show him how annoying it is, he goes crazy and gives in to stop.

Nash- Nash gets annoyed easily, but it kills him when you poke his cheek simultaneously. It usually leads to you too wrestling.

Jack J- When Jack is concentrated is the only time you can get under his skin. He does not get aggravated or annoyed easily. The main thing that annoys him, is when he's concentrated, and you repeatedly say his name.

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