over time and crush?

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everyone but brad and nat came back from buddy time.

ana: where are they, its been over 30 minutes, they should be back by now.

joy: im sure they'll be back soon dont worry ana.

jerome: maybe kavanagh lost her again.

all but "jana": JEROME!!! dont worry jana will NOT happen

alex: i dont know you guys, im getting worried.

tasie: please, your just saying that cuz you have a crush on her.

alex: do not

joy: do to

alex: do not

bobby: do to

alex: do not!

jade: do to!

alex: DO NOT!

all: DO TO!!!

alex: well so what it i did. big deal.

jerome: actually, its a small deal. NO ONE CARES

alex: wow you are some friend.

jerome: thank you ALEXANDER i know that.

alex: dont call me that! its annoying.

jerome: then the name fits you properly. cuz you are to.

jade slaps the back of his head.

jerome: OWWW!!!!

ana: alex. it dosent matter. nats not going to be dating for a while.

bobby: and whys that.

ana: cant say. sisterhood stuff. plus if you ever find out. its because one of us is a trader to nathalia or she tells you herself. right girls.

girls: right.

10 in later.

nat and brad come in. they were having a conversation.

nat: and she was all like. " and dont get all up in my grill again" she said with attitude (took that from K.C. UNDERCOVER when they get the robot daughter) they laughed.

brad: i bet that guy felt bad.

nat: heck ya! he had huge brusies that lasted 7 months! im surpised he wasnt in the hospital!

brad: how old was she.

nat: judy. she was 9. billy was 19

brad: damn and SHE fliped HIM over.

nat: i know right.

jade: cleared her throat.

brad:oh hey guys.

ana: where were you. i was. the cast but nat and brad stared at her. we-we were worried about you.

jade: nice save. she aid with sarcasm

director: do you have any idea what time it is. 9:13.

brad: really. didnt even notice.

nat: you know what they say. "time flies when your having fun"

alex put his head down.

joy: not that kind of fun... right?

brad was confused then got the message.

brad: what! no! jeez, we nly became friends today and you think... gawd alex joy, whats the matter with you.

joy: i didnt mean THAT either! i meant you to had fun and kissed or something along those SMALL lines.

brathaila (not yet, or might never happen, mwahahaha): they look at each other. us! what! looks at the cast. no! never!

bobby: why are you back so late

nat: jeez. buddy time ends at 8:30. so what if we took some... uh...

brad: some time for ourselves. we're not babies we know not to come back tooo late. for example if i were to leave again outside of buddy time. i would be spending me time.

nat: couldnt of said it better myself. yawn. well im gonna hit the hey, night everyone. smiles at brad. night brad.

brad: smiles back. night nat. she went to her room.

ana, jade, tasie, bobbyand the director smile at brad.

brad: what.

jade: you like her dont you.

brad: what!

bobby: someone has a crush on nat.

brad: do not.

tasie: well if you dont like her she CLEARLY likes you.

brad: no way.

ana: oh come on you cant be THAT oblivious (blind) can you.

jade: she said goodnight to everyone of us AT ONCE.

tasie: and she singled out you and said goodnight to you alone.

ana: and she said it with a smile.

jerome: aww did someone finally get a girl to like you.

brad: shut up. and i dont like nathalia. not like that anyway. and she DOESNT like me. so anyway. night.

he went to his room. and then everyone did the same.

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