Chapter 11- Remember

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"What the hell?" I groggily say as I wake up to see I'm lying in a hospital bed. I see a good-looking stranger sitting right next to me.

"Oh my God! Brielle are you okay? What hurts? Is there anything I can get for you? Thank the fucking gods you woke up!" The good-looking stranger exclaimed. When I didn't reply he stared at me questionably, "Brielle?"

I looked at him confused.

"I'm sorry, but do I know you?"

"Brielle it's me, Sean!"

"Again, I'm sorry, but I don't know a Sean."

I saw as the man's face changed from relief to utter panic.

"Hey, hey, it's okay. Maybe I don't recognize you since I haven't seen you in awhile," but I trailed off as I realized he wasn't listing, instead he was yelling for a doctor.

"What? Is she okay!?" An older looking doctor came in yelling, "Oh good you're awake."

"No, no. Not good. She can't remember, I think she lost her memory!"

"Okay, just calm down. What do you remember?" He asked me.

"I remember, I remember."

Nothing. I remember nothing.

"Well, I know my name's Brielle."

That's it, that's all I remember.

"Anything else?" He asked eagerly.

"Um, no not really."

"Oh," his face read disappointment, "Sean come with me. We'll be right back," he said as he walked out the door with the man whose name is supposedly Sean.

What the hell was I doing here. I looked down to see one IV attached to my arm and winced as I pulled it out. I stared at the wide open window and to my luck we were on the first floor. I carefully got out of the flimsy bed and extended my limbs and when I saw nothing wrapped up or hurt I walked to the window, while grabbing a wallet laying on the seat. Sorry Sean.

Wait a minute, was I really going to do this? I mean I don't see anything really wrong with me, but then again I am in a hospital.

'Screw it,' I thought as I extended all my limbs out the window.

What the hell would I do now. I look inside the wallet and saw a twenty dollar bill. Probably enough to stay in a crappy hotel for the night.

I started walking, but I was getting weird looks from people. I looked down and saw I was wearing a hospital gown.

'Shit,' I thought and quickly ran into a public bathroom.

I shut the door behind me and panted hard. What the fuck was I doing. I'm not in a cliché movie so why am I trying to escape a hospital in the freaking middle of the night. I opened the stall door and started heading back to the hospital to figure everything out and maybe, somehow get my memory back and remember that hot guy who apparently knew me well.

I walked out into the pitch black to somehow find that fucking hospital.

"Helllooo," a voice slurred behind me.

"Would yooou like to plaayy?"

"No thank you," I squeaked as I started walking faster.

"Well to bad."



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