Phil stood frozen in his tracks. Certainly this was a joke, he thought.

''No, you can't be serious.'' Phil chuckled nervously, searching for traces of humor in his mother's face.

''Honey, I'm sorry," she said and looked down as if she was ashamed. " This is about your father's job.''

''Does this have something to do with the fight you had this night? You and dad leaving it all behind?''

''Are you two coming already?'' It was too late for her to answer, because Phil's dad was standing in the end of the hallway, looking annoyed.

''I'll explain everything later. Just please come with me.'' She pleaded, as Phil's dad was starting to walk down the hallway towards them.

''You can't just expect me to leave all I have behind.'' Phil said as his dad reached them, shaking his head and backing off a little.

''Well you'll just have to deal with it,'' his dad spat, putting Phil off the tracks. "Life doesn't revolve around only you."

The door to the performance room opened and a confused looking James walked out.

''Hey, is everything okay?'' He asked, walking towards Phil to stand next to him.

''We're leaving now.'' Phil's dad said, grabbing Phil by his wrist and yanking his son next to him. Phil winced at the sudden pain in his arm.

''Henry, don't do that!'' Phil's mother said in shock.

''What is going on?'' Rose came out of the room with Chloe following behind her.

''We're moving.'' Phil's dad said, turning around, still painfully squeezing Phil's wrist.

Rose and Chloe gasped but James stood frozen.

''James, help!'' Phil said, as he tried to free his arm, but, unfortunately, his dad was too strong.

James snapped out and immediately ran to them, trying to pull Phil away.

''Get away from me, you little faggot.'' Phil's dad spat. James immediately lowered his arms and stepped back, just like he'd been slapped. He couldn't help but repeat the word in his head, every bad memory from the last school year returning in his memory. Phil understood it, but he couldn't do anything.

''James, I'm so sorry.'' Phil said, as tears started to form in his eyes. His dad was still holding his arm, all Phil could do was look at him with hurt and disgust in his eyes.

Phil's dad started to walk away and Phil gave in. He didn't want his friends to get hurt, and if that meant going with his father and leave them behind, then so be it. He looked back at the small group of people that were still standing there, their eyes tracing Phil as he moved away. Rose had her arm around James, rubbing soothing circles on his back. Phil couldn't help but let a few more tears fall from his eyes. This couldn't be happening. He couldn't leave his best friends and the only boyfriend he's ever had, just because of his parents stupid ambitions.

A sudden wave of anger overcame Phil's body and he yanked his arm out of his dad's grasp, and ran back to the three the most important people in his life. He crashed into them, holding desperately at their bodies, not even trying to hold back his sobs.

''I'm so sorry.'' Phil chocked out. The four of them formed a group hug, which maybe wasn't the most comfortable position, but definitely a very calming one.

''If you won't be in the car in two minutes, there'll be consequences!'' Phil could hear his father yell, but he didn't care.

''Can you explain what the actual crap is going on?'' Rose asked as they released each other. Her cheeks were tear stained, her eyes shining with new ones.

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