Chapter 6: Mrs. Sebastian Faustus

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Sebastian has reached 4 months of his pregnancy. He has now grown small breasts, which will grow larger in later stage, and his manhood is now a feminine part. To top it off Sebastian’s face looked more like a woman’s, including his hair. Sebastian looked at himself in the mirror, sadly. He sighed heavily. Claude walked in their room.
“What’s the matter, darling?” Claude asked, as he hugged the love of his life.  
“I don’t like this new body…I am not supposed to be wearing pants either” Sebastian replied, while hugging back.
“You’ll get used to it. We can look for some baby clothes, and dresses this evening” Claude said with a smile. Sebastian smiled back.   
“Does Alois still not know of my presence?” He asked.
“He does not know you are here, maybe you could talk to Hannah about telling him. She seems to fancy Alois the most” Claude replied.
“Okay” Sebastian said.

Later that evening, Claude and Sebastian went out into town for clothes. Sebastian was wearing a dress that was in the spare room. It was a decent shade of pink, but Sebastian hated it.
“This feels weird…” Sebastian whispered to Claude.
“Like I said, you will get used to it” He whispered back, giving the demon a kiss on the forehead. Sebastian clinged onto Claude’s arm most of the time, until they arrived at the shop with dresses and baby attire.
Sebastian nervously looked at the black dresses.
“Hmmm…. These seem lovely” He said to himself, as he picked out a couple black dresses, and a purple dress to attract Claude. Claude picked out some cute black and purple outfits for the baby, that could be for either girl or boy. When they got home, Hannah helped Sebastian with his dresses, as Claude was putting the baby clothes in the dresser of their room.
“Hannah...What is is like being female?” Sebastian asked the demoness.
“It’s quite nice actually, a lot more rules for us, but still nice. In public, just stay by Claude, and everything will be alright.” She said.
“Alright…” Sebastian replied.
The rest of the night was rather peaceful. Sebastian and Hannah talked about women stuff, while Claude was serving Alois. Late at night, Claude and Sebastian were walking in the woods together, holding hands while doing so. They stopped by some trees, and sat down on the ground next to each other, their backs weighing on the trees. Sebastian snuggled Claude closely. Claude smiled in response.
“Sebastian?..” Claude asked.
“Hmm?” He replied dreamingly. Claude held Sebastian’s hand gently, and looked at Sebastian.
“Veux-tu m'épouser?” He whispered, in French.
(Will you marry me?)
Sebastian blushed lightly.
“Oui” (Yes) he whispered, still blushing he laid on top of Claude, and snuggled his chest like a kitty.

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