Chapter 9

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        Weeks went by and Harper got worse. By Christmas, she was barley holding on. Adam was with her everyday, he didn't want to leave her, Harper was like his kid.

        The day after Christmas the doctor's called. They said she had days to live, Ella left the house in tears. Adam went to check on Harper, "you doing okay?" He asked, Harper nodded.

        "Sing for me?" She asked him, Adam smiled and nodded.

        "In fact, I'll tell you a story." He told her, Harper smiled and he saw her eyes change from deep blue to a light blue. "There was once these three boys, they grew up together and were inseparable. They called themselves the three musketeers, but in reality their names were, Adam, Tony, and Andy."

        "Was that you, Dad, and my uncle?" Harper asked weakly, Adam nodded.

        "They never thought they would split up, then Andy met a girl that he loved. The girl moved away from the town were they lived, and Andy was really depressed after she left." Adam stopped and tried to keep his tears back. "Andy was so miserable that he followed her, and guess what, they ended up getting married."

        "Then Andy suddenly died from brain cancer."

        "Stupid brain cancer," Harper interrupted. "Hasn't anyone told cancer to never interrupt a love story?! Cancer has no manners!" Adam laughed and smiled sadly, he was really going to miss Harper when God called her home.

        "He left his wife and their daughter behind. His daughter, who once had beautiful blue green eyes, became silent and her eyes turned blue. They stayed blue until her and her mother moved to Owatonna again." Harper was fighting to stay awake, everything was slowly starting to turn blurry.

        "Three years later Adam had given up hope that he would ever write another song, he had no ideas, and was about to give up. Then he became a teacher, and on his first day he met Andy's daughter. The day they met, she ran away from Adam, but she came back for one song. Her parent's song, her last piece of her dad. Adam helped her learn it and her eyes finally turned blue and green again." Harper felt her heart start to beat slower.

        "I'm glad Dad had a friend like you," she told Adam. He looked at her and tears were rolling down his face.

        "Thanks, I'm glad he had a daughter as brilliant as you." Adam blew his nose on some tissues that were nearby. "You don't deserve to die," he told her. Harper grabbed his hand and he saw her eyes turn blue and green.

        "Dad didn't deserve to die either, at least I'll be in a better place and with Dad again. Thanks for being like Dad and making my eyes blue and green again." Adam hugged Harper, and she hugged him back. She died like that, in Adam's arms.

        Ella came in a few minutes after Harper died, she saw Adam crying and holding Harper and she knew. She ran to them with tears pouring from her eyes like a waterfall, Adam gently set Harper down and hugged Ella. "I'm all alone now," she told him between sobs.

        "You're never alone," Adam told her. "You've got me, everything is going to be alright. Harper's with Andy now, they both are in heaven with God." Ella nodded and hugged Adam tighter.

        Adam stayed with Ella for a few more hours, when he walked through his front door another song came to him. He ran down to the studio, and wrote his heart out.

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