Chapter 9

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I threw all the paint from my clothes and threw it at them. "Go f*** yourselves. I'm so done with people treating me like I'm trash. Stop messing with me, and I'll spare you a life lived in pure hell." I threatened, not allowing them to control me. I was still trying to act confident, wiping away the tears that were about to come out. My corners of my mouths lifted up and I chuckled. "No response, huh? Go pests. I will spare your life. You know, instead of getting mad at me, try to make Sandeul fall for you." I jerked my head back and laughed. The girl laughed too. "My oppa doesn't love you." My heart beat fast. I needed a comback-quick. "Oh really, then how can you explain that me and him are dating? Here." I gave her a 10 dollar bill. "Go buy yourself better comebacks. And get some plastic surgery for your soul. It's pretty ugly." I snickered and headed towards my dorm until one of the girls turned me around. She randomly had a purple makeup bruise on her cheek. 'How weird' I thought until She slapped me. and before someone got To come over, she spilled her drink onto herself and was crying in her hands with the fake bruise on her cheek. 'Dang this girl is quick at blackmail' I thought, until I saw Sandeul headed towards our way. "What happened here?" He asked me In a soft tone that could make me faint. "T-They spilled a bucket on me. I'm sorry I caused any trouble." I nodded my head and walked near his side so that I could convince them that we're dating."it's okay." He responded "Sandeul- lets go." I grabbed his arm and walked away calmly. I then turned my head to look at them and stuck my tongue out. "Did you really think I'd do that Sandeul-sshi?" I asked him, smiling. "No. You're too smart to do anything to those girls. It's really cold, you shouldn't wear a skirt. By the way, what dance are you doing for the competition?" I looked at him and smiled to myself. I decided to sing to ring a bell in his head. "Don't you look into my eyes and lie again~ I'm sick of being aloneeee~" I can tell he was surprised by how good I can sing or because I was doing a sexy concept. I laughed at him. "Maybe tomorrow I should wear a miniskirt?" I began to sing AOA's miniskirt. "Risky high heels, black stockings~ I'm wearing a miniskirt~" I giggled afterward and sighed. "I should just go back to my house. Bye~" he grabbed my arm. "Wait. Just stay here for a moment." He smiled. My heart fluttered and I bit my lip. "You sure? We have class soon.. I must clean up." I said, trying to find an excuse to leave early before he sees my cheeks turn bright pink. "Yeah, it's okay... The truth is- I enjoy your company." He looked away and I could see his cheeks blushed. He removed a piece of hair from my face and my cheeks were completely red by then. He chuckled at the sight of my red face and I made a nervous laugh. We both stared at each other for a moment. Our faces moved closer until Ken approached us. "Ken Oppa! H-Hi" I bowed and my belly was even more nervous. How should I treat him now? Ever since he kissed me, it's been a bit awkward. "Yah! Stop acting like that. Continue to act how you used to act. Baka." He hit the top of my head with his fist."Hey! You shouldn't try to throw in japanese to make yourself feel better." I stuck out my tongue and poked him. He really knew how to make me feel comfortable. Everything is at ease now. I'm glad I stood up for myself- but how am I gonna tell Sandeul that he's dating me? WAIT.
I made Sandeul date me?!
(♥️Not-So-Short update! Hope you enjoyed so far~♥️ school tomorrow.. Ew.)

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